Monday, October 31, 2005

Stallone To Make New Rambo Movie

I know the man's almost 60 but as he's going to do a final Rocky movie as well he may as well return to the Army boots and bandana of John J. Rambo in "Rambo IV".

The plot (as if that matters for a Rambo movie) is a bit vague at the moment: John J. Rambo retired into a quiet life until he comes out of seclusion to track and recover a missing girl".

The movie will be shot between Mexico and the United States. Filming is scheduled to start in the spring.

That's about all I have. More when I get more.

To tired to title this

Well thankfully the Cork Guiness Jazz Festival is over so I guess it's time to sober up and get back to it here.

It 's facinating the difference a week can make to a site's traffic, as evidenced by this new chart.

The UK has lost it's lead in visitors and is just slightly behind Ireland, but I've a lot of 'fans' in the US. (Admittadly I just came up in generic searches for Stargate, Star Wars, Marine Corps etc.)

I've even been vistited from the French!!! :O

Sunday, October 30, 2005

IRON MAN in 2007?

"Marvel superhero Iron Man looks likely to revert back to the comicbook publisher after more than two years of fruitless development [at New Line]," according to Variety this week.

Well, this is consistant with what I've been reading over the past couple of months. Basically Marvel has been waiting out New Line's option on Shellhead, hoping for a better deal from them. If not then Marvel could take the project elsewhere. What this could mean for David Hayter's screenplay and the involvement of director Nick Cassavetes remains to be seen.

So where wight Iron Man end up at? It's anyones guess but certainly a possibility is that Iron Man becomes part of the much vaunted Marvel-Paramount co-venture. Marvel Studios chief Avi Arad listed Iron Man among the projects that were part of that deal in this years Comic-Con, however the project is stalled pending the resolution of New Line's option on the material.

Everyone knows Tom Cruise has long wanted to play Tony Stark but couldn't make a deal with New Line or work out his busy schedule to fit in the project. Cruise is very much part of the Paramount family, having starred in their successful Mission: Impossible franchise. If Iron Man does indeed leave New Line and end up at Paramount, perhaps Cruise might be reapproached.

Watch this space, as Iron Man is my favourite Super-hero above even Batman or Spiderman, I'll bring you the news as soon as I hear.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Next she'll be admitting to touching the Whizzinator!!!

Dumb blonde Paris Hilton has slammed reports she denied ever meeting Tom Sizemore, but insists she has never had sexual relations with the troubled actor. In new sex video, Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal, the Black Hawk Down star alleges he had a one night stand with Hilton after a party at his house in 2001, when the hotel heiress was 19.

Hilton quickly rushed out a statement denying his claims, saying, "He is not an acquaintance of mine, nor have I ever had intimate relations with him."

However, after Vivid Entertainment - the producers of Sizemore's sex tape - released a photo of the pair at the actor's house in 2001, Hilton insists she has been unfairly portrayed as lying about ever meeting him. Her new publicist Jack Ketsoyan says, "We never said she never met him. She never slept with him and he's not an acquaintance of hers. She doesn't even know who that other girl in the photo is. To me, 'acquaintance' means that you're not friends; you've met in the past but that's pretty much it. She doesn't remember the party at all."

I'm well used to her kind, what I get out of this statement is: if she doesn't remember the party at all she was obviously to pissed to remember bedding Sizemore!

Friday, October 28, 2005


A friend of mine dragged me to see Underworld a couple of years ago at 6PM on a weekday. I don't go to the cinema on weekdays, but he insisted. So I went to see it anyway expecting "another Vampire movie".

Boy was I wrong! Underworld was one of the best movies I had ever seen, period. It had the perfect amount of action, edged-weapons, blood, automatic weapons, slow-motion Matrix-style photography, spent cartridges and of course the delectable Kate Bekinsale as Selene, the Vampire Death Dealer who shook up the aristrocratic decadent world of her kindred by forming an alliance with Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman) a hybrid of Vampire and Lychen (Warewolves). Needless to say I quickly ordered the Unrated, extended Directors cut of the film from the US as soon as it was available.

In January 2006, UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION the sequel will hit the flicks. Appearently we will see a lot of the backstory of both Selene and Viktor, as well as the aforementioned action elements of the original. I'm already salivating.

Now why can't all goths look like Selene? The perfect female form poured into a sinfully tight black PVC number, sapphire blue eyes, deshevilled raven coloured hair and a stainless-steel slide on her Walther P-99 9mm automatic pistol.

Because then the rest of the females on the planet would be ignored by man.

Grab the trailer to Underworld: Evolution only on Yahoo Movies.

Mr. Sulu comes out

It has emerged officially today that George Takei the 68 year old actor best known as Lt. Sulu in the original Star Trek TV series (and later Captain Sulu in the Star Trek movies) is a homosexual.

I can't say I was shocked to read this to be quite honest. I recall going all the way up to Dublin about 13 years ago now to a big Star Trek convention there and I met the man in person and I'll admit, I've never met a nicer more courteous bloke. He must have signed something in the region of 1000 autographs in the couple of days he was there and he still had time to sign my USS Excelsior blueprints.

I can only hope that Howard Stern (the US version of Cubaboy) isn't too unkind as he regularly just calls Takei on his car phone just to listen to his cool and mellow voice.

Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis to get renewed.

This in from Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis to get renewed. The longest running Sci-Fi show ever: Stargate: SG-1 and it's spin-off show Stargate: Atlantis are to get 10th and 3rd seasons next year respectively.

Stargate: SG-1 recently took a new direction with the departure of Richard Dean "MacGyver" Anderson from the show when his character Jack O'Neill was promoted to Major General and was transferred to Washington to head the Earth Defense programme (god help the earth)! Farscape's Ben Browder took command of SG-1 as Lt.Col. Cameron Mitchell and veteran actor Beau Bridges (left) is Major General Hank Landry the new SGC commander. A seemingly invincible new enemy, The Ori was revealed also in season nine and I'm sure the writers, producers and the cast are happy that their new dynamic and tale won't end this year.

The one place in the universe, I'm never going is to the Lost City of the Ancients, or Atlantis as it's better known as. Why? Because not one, but both of the US Marine Colonels who have ventured there- Col. Marshall Sumner (Robert Patrick) (left) and Col. Dillon Everett (Clayton Landrey) (right) have had their life energy sucked out of them and they died horribly. While I personally dissapprove of the fact that the Atlantis mission is administrated by civilains, I'm not volunteering to oust that administration any time soon.

Being a bad place for my peers notwithstanding, I think Atlantis has found feet this year and is gaining strength. Much owing to the new dynamic of Mitch (Asst.Dir. Skinner in X-Files) Pileggi as Col. Steven Caldwell (An Air-Force Colonel- so he doesn't die) the commander of the Daedalus, the Prometheus' sister-ship constructed with the aid of the Asguard.

While we still have to wait until January for the second half of the current seasons of both shows, at least we have a whole season of each to look forward to.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cubaboy Strikes Back!

Steve has a new "improved?" blog here.

He's promising "fun puzzles" now.

Congratulations to Cubaboy on being the 500th visitor to my Blog at 08:47 GMT yesterday.

I can do no more then this to be quite honest. Visit blogsbystephen at your own risk...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Red 6 becomes one with the force.

Actor William Hootkins who played a minor yet oft' discussed role as Jek "Red6" Porkins in Star Wars IV: A New Hope passed away after a battle with cancer at age 58.

Although he had a small part as an X-Wing pilot who bravely assaulted the original Death Star before being shot down, he was loved by Star Wars fans worldwide and naturally has his own action figure- one which I have as yet to add to my collection.

Rogue Trooper comes to PC

Rogue Trooper was always my favourite 2000AD strip, now it's going to be a game.

Rogue Trooper is a third-person action game with squad combat elements for the comic's hero to command when in battle.

"On the hostile planet of Nu Earth, there are tales of a lone warrior. A man who appears out of thin air to take out whole platoons, then disappears back into the shadows. In the centre of a futile war, one man can swing the balance: the ultimate soldier and last survivor of the massacred Genetic Infantrymen, hell-bent on revenge ... the Rogue Trooper. "

Rebellion fucked up Judge Dredd's video game so I'm going to reserve judgement on SCi's (Carmageddon) effort for Rogue Trooper.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Zombies are here. Be prepared!

One of the finest news-sources on the planet "The Onion", has just released an article detailing the inadequate defences in the city of Pittsburgh, which indicates that the city could easily succumb to a devastating zombie attack. It provides from some sobering reading here.

I myself am a veteran of many attempts by the undead to walk the earth but usually these incursions are on a small scale limited to secret underground military installations. The true danger nowadays is that they could surface during the day and learn to use weapons armour or even vehicles or some freaky shit like that.

The end of this month is a prime time for them to 'surface' and feed off the living so I'd suggest arming yourself with something deadly, anything that could remove a head would be good, but a few well judged whacks with a hurley should do the job too.

Be aware as well of young zombies posing as "Trick or Treaters". I came accross one poor fucker who got his arm bitten off by a group of them one year before my team arrived to liquidate the little shits! So if they do call to your door this year I'd suggest crowning them with a hurley before they do their thing- if it does turn out to be a genuine kid: just think of the fortune you save the parents in the future on schooling and college fees.

2IGTV Episode 7

The latest episode of 2IGTV is now online here. We recorded a special ultra-long bumper edition of the show on Sunday evening as circumstances prevented us from recording one within our projected 10-12 day timeframe. There's too much content to go into here, you should know the kind of podcasting gold you get now anyway...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday, A Day of Rest.

This graph shows distribution of visitors to "The Colonel's Eagle".

As I'm still in the recovery stages of my 30th Birthday celebrations, I've just been taking it easy looking at some of my visitors statistics to this page today and I've found a few intresting things I'd like to share with you all.

Firstly, an 'unfortunate' 88% of surfers are using IE to browse, 5% Firefox, Safari 2% and the remaining 5% is shared between Opera, Mozilla and Netscape.

Of greater intrest is who is reading this. Well naturally, I know most of the people here, but what about the poor unfortunate people who unsuspectingly find themselves here?

A Canadian visitor was brought here when he asked "what is the name of the muppet eagle". Another Canadian surfer asked Google "to others before the google folks fix this" as a seach term and he was to the Smurfs post.

An American in Denver, Colorado asked google to find him "colonel war eagle". The "War eagle" is a rare variation of the Colonel's rank insignia (in my logo at the top) where the head of the eagle is facing towards the arrows it's carrying. I suspect he's a collector of militaria like me.

Someone in Dublin did a google on"ciaran creedon" and was naturally brought here, obviously someone who misplaced the URL, remember to bookmark folks!

Someone in Atlanta, Georgia did a '' on Colonel Oliver North and a day later a countryman of his in somewhere called East Wenatchee, Washington googled the term "oliver north said i am innocent". Both were brought to my Oliver North post.

I became apprehensive when I saw that someone from the United States Government Centre for Disease Control in Stone Mountain, Georgia came here from another blog but what really got my attention was the two hits on Thursday last from, someone working for the 347th Communication Squadron of the United States Air Force who came here via a masked path so I can't tell what they wanted, or if they found it :-O

I'm off now to record Episode VII of 2IGTV a special bumper episode since it's been so long since the last one.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fun from China!

I've only ever had the pleasure of befriending one Chineese national in my entire life, thus far. This however has only cemented my official conclusion that "they're a funny bunch all the same".

Hilton denies romp with Sizemore

Paris Hilton has dismissed Tom Sizemore's claims he slept with her when she was a teenager, insisting she has never even met the troubled actor.

In an interview on his new porn tape (seriously guys this is the first I heard of it too) "The Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal", Sizemore says he enjoyed a one night stand with the then 19-year-old Hilton when she begged him for sex after a party. Sizemore goes on to allege hotel heiress Hilton showed him a good time, adding, "She knew what she could do to people." But Hilton, now 24, is appalled by the suggestion she had sexual relations with the 44-year-old, who has been in and out of court fighting drug and domestic abuse charges over the last two years.

"It's disappointing that Mr. Sizemore has to use my name to sell his DVDs. He is not an acquaintance of mine, nor have I ever had intimate relations with him."

I wonder if she came face to face with The Whizzinator? I'm inclined to believe Tom, he's only guilty of beating women up and trying to pass off someone elses urine as his own, Hilton however leaked her own Sex-tape to gain publicity, "that's (not) hot!". Tom on the other hand had the good sence to make one and sell it instead. What a guy!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Another African needs my bank account

"princessfatimah kinghumah"


Good day and Compliments to you in the name of our creator Almighty Allah, I am princess FATIMAH D.HUMAH, writing this letter in confidence believing that if it is the wish of Allah for you to help me and my family, almighty Allah will bless and reward you aboundantly and you would never regret this.

My family and I are true Muslim and worship Allah truthfully.I got your contact during my search for this assistance. I am a female student from University of Burkina Faso, Ouaga. I am 25 yrs old. I'd like any person who can be carring, loving and home oriented. I will love to have a long-term relationship with you and to know more about you.

I would like to build up a solid foundation with you in time coming if you can be able to help me in this transaction. Well,my father died earlier
two months ago and left I and my junior brother behind. He was a king, which our town citizens titled him over sixteen years before his death. I was a
princess to him and I am the only person who can take care of his wealth now because my junior brother is still young and my mother is not
literateenough to know all my father's wealth.

He left the sum of USD 5.5M (Five Million, Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars)in the bank for security reason.This money was annually paid into my late fathers account from SAHEL BURKINA FASO is a Minining Comany operating in our locality for the compensation of youth and community development in our jurisdiction.

I don't know how and what I will do to invest this money somewhere in abroad, so that my father's kindred will not take over what belongs to my father and our family, which they were planning to do without my consent because I am a female as stated by our culture in the town.

Now,I urgently need your humble assistance to move this money from the security company to your bank account, That is why I felt happy when I saw
your contact because I strongly believe that by the grace of Allah, you will help me invest this money wisely. I am ready to pay 30% of the total
amount to you if you help us in this transaction and another 10% interest of Annual After Income to you, for handling this transaction for us,which
you will strongly have absolute control over it.

If you can handle this project sincerely and also willing to assist me in lifting this fund, kindly reach me.Please, note that this transaction
is 100% risk free and I hope to commence the transaction as quick as possible,I will send you my picture as soon as I hear from you for recognition.

Yours sincerely,

Okay, I'll have to admit, I've never been as tempted to respond to a hoax since some fuckers rang my house one day pretending to be Satanists and wondering if my local church would mind hosting a satanic mass- 20 minutes later he hung up believing I was a minister of the Eucharist and secretly a member of the Order of the Demonic Horde.

But getting back to Princess Fatimah: As responding in any way shape or form would be as useless as a handle on a snowball, I've decided instead to post my "reply" here for all to see...

Dear Princess Fatimah,

I am in receipt of your E-mail dated Tue, Oct 18th 2005. You have presented an eloquent, convincing and compelling case for my aid. Before I can set things in motion however, there are a few points in your E-mail that I feel I must address before we begin our "long term relationship".

1) Where in the name of "Almighty Allah" did you get my "contact"? You did a search for assistance!? What kind of assistance? What did you enter into the search engine? "I need a hero"? That would have brought you to Bonnie Tyler lyrics. It came to my Personal private E-mail account, known only to me, my friends and organisations which whom I conduct private business with. I'm very careful to tick the box that does not allow the company to send my E-mail address to every clusterfuck wanting to sell me \/1@Gr/\ or improve my sex-life by adding girth to what is already alluded to as being a most impressive "weapon" by envious male readers of my Blog. So please enlighten me.

2) Do I sound caring, loving or home-oriented to you? Did wherever you got my E-mail address make me sound that way? Tell me so that I can sue for defamation. I find it unlikely that someone would have described ME like that, and I certainly would write up myself to sound like such a pussy. For the most authentic profile of me: EYES RIGHT BITCH!

3) You want a long term relationship with me and to know more about me? in that order?... did you read the profile?

4) Okay this bit, I love: your father's estate is $5.5M? How did he die again? Oh you didn't say did you? Right, anyway, now this money was annually paid into his account from SAHEL BURKINA FASO a mining company which is operating in your locality in return for contributions to youth and community development in your area? So why were they paying your father as well? Was the money just resting in his account before he delivered it to the youth and the community? No, sorry dear the company was probably paying your father off to keep him quiet while they were using the poor youth and community as slave labour in the mines. Now they they've dried up your father had to have an accident when he was enraged that his source of income had dried up too- how's that for a theory? It may also be of intrest for you to know that I have here a list of all 31 legitimate gold-mining companies in your country and guess what? There is no SAHEL BURKINA FASO mining company in operation there at all!!! Isn't that weird?

5) So you want to invest the money abroad, that's great: Removing $5.5m from the coffers of one of the poorest countries in the world where half the population are below the poverty line without some sort of plan is fucking nuts lady.

Also considering that bacterial diarrhoea, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, malaria, schistosomiasis, meningococcal meningitis and of course HIV are in such a high abundance there, I can safely say that I'll never choose of my own free will to be within 10 meters near any of you without a HAZMAT suit, never mind a "long-term relationship".

Here's the most major problem however, you're not that long having become independent from France, you all still speak French, and no one likes the French, so don't expect too much help.

The mighty Allah can't help you now!


Colonel "Whopper" Creedon

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Media names Sizemore's prosthetic penis

I just read an article that names the apperatus that my 2nd favourite actor of all time Tom Sizemore used to attempt to fake a drug test in July last.

It's apparently called The Whizzinator.

That aside, the Judge seems to be happy with his turnaround and has agreed that if he can stay out of trouble for 3 years, then he can stay out of jail for his latest crimes.

Apparently Sizemore is starting his own reality TV show, dubbed Super Sizemore next year. More on that when I have news.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Spielberg goes interactive

Not content with making his mark on the Medal Of Honor franchise, Hollywood legend Mr. Seveven Speilberg has signed a deal with Electronic Arts (EA) to work on three original video games. He will be the exec producer on the LA-based projects, the first of which is already in progress and has been described as "a next generation game with mass appeal".

He says, "Having watched the game industry grow from a niche into a major creative force in entertainment, I have a great deal of respect for EA's understanding of the interactive format."

The games will appear on the next generation consoles which will be released by Sony and Microsoft to replace their PlayStation 2 and Xbox machines. Neil Young, the head of EA's LA studio, says, "No one is more at the centre of understanding gameplay and great storytelling than Steven Spielberg. Being able to draw from Steven Spielberg's experience in crafting incredible stories and combine that with our view of interactivity means you will have richer fiction, deeper characters and better sense of immersion."

Friday, October 14, 2005

Rummy: Attack! Attack! Attack! Kill! Kill! Kill!

One of my current political heroes, U.S. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld had this to say to troops asking about why America is waging the "Global War On Terror".

He replied that it is not the mission of the U.S. military to "cower behind illusory defenses" because "defenses don't work." The only defense, he said, is to go on the offensive, to stop terrorists before they attack America.

"Your mission is to be on the offense; it's to go on the attack," he said. "And that's what our forces are doing: they're engaging the enemy where they live so that they do not attack us where we live."

It's so simple when you look at the world through the eyes of Rummy isn't it?

Blond Bond

This just in from London: Danny Craig is officially the new James Bond. The 37 year old actor will be the 6th actor to to play the British superspy. The next Bond film is "Casino Royale," due in theaters in November 2006.

"I had a couple of martinis when I found out," Craig said.

Craig's name, the subject of speculation for weeks, was revealed as he was whisked down the River Thames aboard a military speedboat to a waterside news conference.

Producer Michael G. Wilson said 200 actors had been considered, but Craig was the only one who had been offered the role.

"I am looking most forward to actually starting getting on with it, and feeling intimidated about pretty much everything," Craig said. "It is a sort of responsibility, but it is also a huge adventure."

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Smurfs finally get theirs...

I really wish this was a fill blown episode or movie, but it's just an advert for UNICEF. Apperently they're releasing this advertisment in Belgium to drum up funds to support injured or orphaned children after global conflict. Of course if the conflict was waged properly in the first place there wouldn't be any survivors (I ain't called Whopper for nothin')!

Anyway, it's a 30-second cartoon that depicts "just another smurfy day in Smurf Village. The perpertually perky blue beings frolic around the fire, holding hands and singing that "tra-la-la-la-la-la" tune as bluebirds flutter by and rabbits hop around.

But then the bombs come.

Hundreds of them raining down from warplanes in the sky, wiping out the mushroom-shaped abodes. Amid the fiery explosions, Smurfette is killed. Papa Smurf disappears. As the smoke clears, only an orphaned Baby Smurf remains, sobbing among the corpses."

Does this not sound fantastic? It's like a dream come through. The article here suggests that it may eventually air in Europe. A spokeswoman for the ad-agency said that the wanted to do more graphic scenes of violence : "We wanted something that was real war--Smurfs losing arms, or a Smurf losing a head--but they said no," she told reporters. I'm doing a search on that agency now I intend having that woman's telephone number by the time I log off this evening- I'm in love...

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Poor Bastards

Spare a thought for the poor bastards who have to build this on Christmas morning for their kids (and a thought for their wallet as the thing costs about €400) it has an estimated build time of 7.5 hours for a Lego Expert "Master Builder" -a grade bestowed on me by the Lego club in 1988, but you apparently have to be 16 to construct this- from the looks of it (and last year's Star Destroyer) I'd believe it!!!

The latest from Bruce Campbell

The legendary Bruce Campbell gave an interview to earler in the week, it was an interesting read. What I did note was that he and the producers of the Brisco County Jr. TV show have started nagging Warner Bros. to finally release the series on DVD!!!

He also says that there'll be no Evil Dead IV until everyone's ready to be involved! A glance at the IMDB reveals what appears to be an original Evil Dead remake that Raimi is NOT directing, but writing the screenplay, that confirmes Ashton Kutcher! Campbell says we (assuming he and Raimi) will have producing roles, but I don't think it'll turn out as good as the originals which were made with a budget of a few thousand dollars and some sheep guts- and worked. Still it'd be nice to see Kutcher being raped by a tree!!!

Some of Campbell's latest projects include Alien Apocalypse and The Man With The Screaming Brain which was he directorial debut.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Celluloid DOOM!

I've a pretty good feeling that the fourthcoming DOOM movie will be the best Sci-fi movie of the year (remember Star Wars isn't a movie around here- it's a religion). I doubt I'm the only one who's been waiting for this for the past few years if the rampant internet buzz is anything to go by. Even people who don't play games know what DOOM is, it's now a firm part of western civilisation- a cultural icon.

While I think that some of the plot points have been changed around- like a virus creates the demons as opposed to opening a gateway to hell (don't aks me why), basically The Rock (left) and Karl Urban (Eomer in Lord of the Rings) are part of the Space Marine unit assigned to the Martian facility where all hell breaks loose (no pun there).

From looking at the trailers it looks like there'll be a sequence where the camera will take a position similar to where the characters head would be and it's as if you're seeing through the character's eyes just like in the DOOM game- I'm really excited about this as it's never been done before- and it'll give people an idea of the graphics quality we'll be playing with in the future as we draw near to true-photorealistic in-game graphics which are not as far away as people think.

Anyhow, DOOM will be released on October 21st in the US but it looks like people without broadband and bittorrent will have to wait until December 2nd to be DOOMed!!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Peter Jackson to produce HALO

This just in! Peter Jackson (Lord Of The Rings, King Kong) is to produce the live action film adaptation of Bungie's HALO the award winning, record-breaking shooter according to their website. Having only played the demo and although I had to give the game a miss due to time constraints (I can't play everything) I'll certainly be looking forward to this now. The rumour that Ewe Boll is directing the movie is a load of shit, and you can quote me on that!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

VerTecXneT Upgrades

Just doing some upgrading of the secondary and tertiary elements of VerTecXneT, my home network, so updates may be absent for a few days.

Those of you familiar with VerTecXneT may recognise the cases and parts of Magnus, Orion, Prometheus and Agamemnon and a fifth unit (top left) hencefourth be called Perseus, which a friend of mine was going to send to the dump, but I felt it may in whole -or most likely in part, be of some use yet. Don't worry Bellerophron is all ready for Quake IV and Hyperion is functioning splendidly as I'm using it to update this blog as always.

Catch you later folks.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Quake 4 goes gold!

In the Summer of 1998, I (as Colonel Creedon, Space Marine) defeated the Makron and completed Quake II. There was much rejoicing.

But now, more than seven years on, Earth's war against the Strogg is about to continue. There is a new Makron, and Earth is pulling no punches this time: Now there's going to be a full planetary assault on Stroggos as QUAKE 4 is officially gold!!

Activision announced today that the latest in the classic FPS franchise is entering manufacturing and will invade PCs on October 21st.

Developed by Raven Software, QUAKE 4 uses id Software's DOOM 3 engine to pick up where Quake II left off. As Matthew Kane, an elite member of Rhino Squad, players invade the Strogg stronghold, fighting alone, alongside other Marines, and in mechanized walkers and hover tanks. Along with the single-player campaign, QUAKE 4 includes multiplayer action inspired by the speed and feel of Quake III Arena.

It's time to clean the layer of dust off my favourite Quake II weapon, the Hyperblaster and return to Stroggos and finish the job! WHO'S WITH ME??!!!!!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Marine is the new CJCS

General Peter Pace was sworn in as sixteenth Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Sep. 30, 2005. In this capacity, he serves as the principal military advisor to the President, the Secretary of Defense, and the National Security Council. Prior to becoming Chairman, he served as Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from October 1, 2001 to August 12, 2005. General Pace is the first Marine to serve as Chairman. He also holds the distinction of being the first Marine to have served as the Vice Chairman.

I've been following the career of this man since Somalia in '94 and I knew when he was made the Vice Chair that it wouldn't be long before there was a Marine chairman. While the Chairman has to be impartial to all 4 services (Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force), I think that with a Marine in the hot seat that the Corps will benefit in ways we can't imagine yet.

As visitors to my office at home will know I'll be proud to change the title card under General Pace's photograph on my wall from Vice Chairman to Chairman. I've sent my formal congratulations to General Pace, now you can too with this form. Any questions you have can be posted on the comments underneath, I'll answer all.