Sunday, October 30, 2005

IRON MAN in 2007?

"Marvel superhero Iron Man looks likely to revert back to the comicbook publisher after more than two years of fruitless development [at New Line]," according to Variety this week.

Well, this is consistant with what I've been reading over the past couple of months. Basically Marvel has been waiting out New Line's option on Shellhead, hoping for a better deal from them. If not then Marvel could take the project elsewhere. What this could mean for David Hayter's screenplay and the involvement of director Nick Cassavetes remains to be seen.

So where wight Iron Man end up at? It's anyones guess but certainly a possibility is that Iron Man becomes part of the much vaunted Marvel-Paramount co-venture. Marvel Studios chief Avi Arad listed Iron Man among the projects that were part of that deal in this years Comic-Con, however the project is stalled pending the resolution of New Line's option on the material.

Everyone knows Tom Cruise has long wanted to play Tony Stark but couldn't make a deal with New Line or work out his busy schedule to fit in the project. Cruise is very much part of the Paramount family, having starred in their successful Mission: Impossible franchise. If Iron Man does indeed leave New Line and end up at Paramount, perhaps Cruise might be reapproached.

Watch this space, as Iron Man is my favourite Super-hero above even Batman or Spiderman, I'll bring you the news as soon as I hear.

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