Tuesday, October 04, 2005

VerTecXneT Upgrades

Just doing some upgrading of the secondary and tertiary elements of VerTecXneT, my home network, so updates may be absent for a few days.

Those of you familiar with VerTecXneT may recognise the cases and parts of Magnus, Orion, Prometheus and Agamemnon and a fifth unit (top left) hencefourth be called Perseus, which a friend of mine was going to send to the dump, but I felt it may in whole -or most likely in part, be of some use yet. Don't worry Bellerophron is all ready for Quake IV and Hyperion is functioning splendidly as I'm using it to update this blog as always.

Catch you later folks.


Anonymous said...

Who could forget the magnificent, nay, phallic case of the once mighty Magnus :)
What are the specs for Agamemnon and Perseus? I was only aware of Agamemnon as one of your hard drive partitions until now?

Anonymous said...

Interesting naming convention, have you guys seen what the actor Nick Cage, called his new son?

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

Yes indeed Mr. Overseer, Mr. Copolla (Cage's real name) has named the poor tyke "Kal-El" as in Superman's real name, what a muppet! He's officially a pratt now that he's taken the same road as Micheal Jackson and Bob Geldof with regards to naming offspring.

At thir core- Perseus was a PIII 733/196Mb/10&6.4Gb unit of unknown manufacture and Agamemnon was a PII 350/64Mb/6.4Gb Gateway (the latter formerlly under the mastery of one "Mr. E.Twohig") but these specs will be quite different in the next few days.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could post the proposed final specs to the VertecX website, possibly under the headline "Creedon announces refurbishment schedule" - along with what you plan to use them for? A P2 350 ... my god! I threw an AMD K6-2 350 away about 3 months ago (yes, it was still working fine, although really slowly with XP)

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

Oh don't worry, you'll see the full results of what I'm doing posted there soon enough once all operations are complete. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Colonel, you remind me of a Bond villian, describing in far too much detail your evil plan to take over the world, "Yes, Mr. Bond, Funny that you should ask that, there is a Self Destruct switch, its the big red button marked Do not touch!, Mr. Bond?, Mr. Bond?, what are you doing?!, Mr. Bon..., BOOM! The lesson here is do not give away the specification to your secret weapon, you might as well just invite her Majesty's double 0 men around to tea and they make such a mess when they visit, one is constantly finding dead henchmen littered around the place for weeks afterwards.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

I understand what you're saying, but my secret weapons will always remain secret, not to worry. The things I give people knowledge of here are things I want people to know about.

One such reason is that I can put people in their place: such as people who used to laugh that I had a 25" 4:3 telly and now have run off with a bloody nose as I've got a 42" 16:9.

If I feed people with little bits of infomation about what is to come, then they'll certainly come back to see the end result. People want to know what I have so they have some idea what they want in their lives, they want to know what I do and what my plans are so that they too can plan their lives accordingly to coincide with mine- that is one of the fundamental purposes of any blog.

So far my formula is working. 110 hits in 5 days ain't too shabby even for someone who looks as incredible in a uniform as I do!