Thursday, October 06, 2005

Celluloid DOOM!

I've a pretty good feeling that the fourthcoming DOOM movie will be the best Sci-fi movie of the year (remember Star Wars isn't a movie around here- it's a religion). I doubt I'm the only one who's been waiting for this for the past few years if the rampant internet buzz is anything to go by. Even people who don't play games know what DOOM is, it's now a firm part of western civilisation- a cultural icon.

While I think that some of the plot points have been changed around- like a virus creates the demons as opposed to opening a gateway to hell (don't aks me why), basically The Rock (left) and Karl Urban (Eomer in Lord of the Rings) are part of the Space Marine unit assigned to the Martian facility where all hell breaks loose (no pun there).

From looking at the trailers it looks like there'll be a sequence where the camera will take a position similar to where the characters head would be and it's as if you're seeing through the character's eyes just like in the DOOM game- I'm really excited about this as it's never been done before- and it'll give people an idea of the graphics quality we'll be playing with in the future as we draw near to true-photorealistic in-game graphics which are not as far away as people think.

Anyhow, DOOM will be released on October 21st in the US but it looks like people without broadband and bittorrent will have to wait until December 2nd to be DOOMed!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wonder if The Rock will get to use any of his signature moves in the film - my guess is one or two will slip in.
The 1st-person view sounds interesting, although if it moves anything like my UT antics, audience members will be vomiting from motion sickness - the Colonel can most likely vouch for this. That could be a real downer for the film.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

I would say no. I think he's trying to distance himself from his wrestling persona slowly but surely. For some movies he'll be even billed as Dwane Johnson expecially for English teacup dramas and the like where "The Rock" would be inappropriate

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can just picture him in a future Jane Austen adaptation (they seem to come round every few years). I think it'd be more fun to see him beat the crap out of someone than make the usual american attempt at british acents.
I wonder what this 1st person stuff would look like on an IMAX screen?

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

I wish to formally deny knowing this man!

Anonymous said...

You'll have to fill out form 1b section C, "Formal Termination of knowledge of "Insert name here", Pay your fee and take your chances in City Hall. Bring a gun and a towel, you'll know what the towel is for when it happens.