Thursday, November 27, 2008

Origami in Space

You all know of Origami the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. Legend has it that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury.

But what if you could fold something more interesting than a stupid crane? Well Won Park, a bloke in Hawaii has started folding a few more interesting shapes which include ships such as the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars and the Enterprise from Star Trek.

See a whole load of his work here.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SECDEF Gates to be Retained

FOX News is reporting that Defense Secretary Robert Gates will keep the top Pentagon job for at least the first year of the Obama administration.

Gates has very strong support among Democrats and the President Elect's decision to keep him on follows speculation, encouraged before the election by Obama's aides, that Gates would stay on for an interim period. A registered independent, Gates has served various Republican administrations. President Bush nominated Gates to replace Donald Rumsfeld after the 2006 midterm elections, when the war in Iraq was descending into chaos and became a political liability for Republicans.

Gates will continue to preside over two U.S. wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan, that Bush launched as part of the larger war on terror. There are several issues on which Gates and Obama disagree, including missile defense. Gates supports placing a missile defense system in Europe, but Obama already has suggested that he won't sign off on it until the technology has been proven capable.

A formal announcement is expected immediately after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend as part of an unveiling of the new national security team, which is expected to include Sen. Hillary Clinton as secretary of state; Gen. Jim Jones as national security adviser, Admiral Dennis Blair as director of national intelligence and Susan Rice as U.S. ambassador to the UN.

Source: FOX News

Sunday, November 23, 2008

2IGTV Epidode 62

In this packed Episode: What effect has the Presidential Election have on The Colonel? Mark has watched the Clone Wars series – but not the movie! We give our opinions on W., Max Payne and Quantum of Solace (beware of spoilers). We let you know what we’re watching (or not watching) on TV now and when to expect 24 and BSG.

In movie news; we have a director and writers for Captain America and maybe Wonder Woman. Snippets for Lethal Weapon 4, Bourne 4, Universal Soldier 3 and a new generation of X-Men? Brett Ratner’s Conan and Beverly Hills Cop 4, and a daft-sounding project from Sylvester Stallone.

Finally, we have an in-depth analysis of the Star Trek trailer.
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Man Tasered At His Father's Funeral - Part 14 in my "Shoot First, Questions Never" series!

Undercover agents at a funeral in North Carolina tried to serve an arrest warrant on the dead man's son — and used a Taser on him.

The incident happened Saturday afternoon as the coffin was being loaded into a hearse. The officers planned to quietly arrest Gladwyn Taft Russ III, but it turned into a scuffle.

42-year-old Russ was charged with communicating threats against his ex-wife who lives in another state. Officials said he failed to turn himself in as promised.

New Hanover County sheriff's chief deputy Ed McMahon said the officers' move backfired in the emotional environment. McMahon said the officers should have waited until after the cemetery service.

Source: Fox News

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New STAR TREK Trailer online

Those of you with little patience may have already seen some grainy YouTube footage of the new Star Trek trailer badly vidcapped from it's premiere in font of some US prints of Quantum Of Solace.

Today however, just after 18:00 GMT Monday, on the website, the full HD enabled trailer was released through the Apple trailer service. If you have 1080p HD resolution I would recommend the 150Mb download of the highest resolution trailer and see images like this and this!

As for the trailer itself? Well I guess it's fair to say that I've not felt this excited about a Star Trek movie since the debut of the trailer for Star Trek First Contact in 1995. The freshness that JJ Abrams seems to have brought to this jaded franchise is quite evident from this phenomena three minute trailer full of quick cuts, action sequences involving the crew, beauty shots of the new Enterprise and frenetic space combat. And we get our first look at Bruce Greenwood as Chris Pike [above]!

It's all so new - yet hauntingly familiar.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Max Payne is like Dashiell Hammett, John Woo & The Punisher

I rate most Video Game movies I see fairly highly. They tend to get less bogged down in acting and plot and focus more on spectacular action scenes and some far fetched stunts. Doom, Hitman, Tomb Raider, BloodRayne and the pinnacle of the genre- Resident Evil are just some of the better examples.

Max Payne is different however. Like the top-notch game it adapts (it's #5 on Colonel Creedon's Top 10 Games Of All Time), Max Payne's story is essential to it and without it, it wouldn't work as either a game or a movie. A missed opportunity here was not to include one of the game's staple elements a "Film Noir" narration delivered by the Max Payne character. As a result the movie suffers from a lack of narration to make sense of some of the more convoluted plot elements.

Payne is probably the most underpowered and all too human character ever to be transported from a game to the silver screen. We are introduced to the character as a depressed loner, who cleans his guns at night and hasn't smiled in in the years following the brutal murder of his wife and child. It's a testament to Mark Wahlberg's grossly underrated acting that he makes the lone cop seem human with a few words and an impressive amount of violence.

We are drawn into Payne's never ending nightmare over the loss of his family and our mood is controlled by the bleakness of the seedy bars, rotten slums and abandoned factories where the investigation leads and it's always snowing at night turning every breath to a cloud of vapour. The city is as cold as Payne's heart now. This is in no small part to the design work of Daniel Dorrance who's worked on a slew of major movies including The Incredible Hulk, Collateral and Braveheart.

Directed by the Irish director of Behind Enemy Lines, John Moore, the other major players in this incredibly stylish drama include Beau Stargate SG-1 Bridges, Olga Quantum Of Solace Kurylenko, Donal Blade Logue, Prison Break's Amaury Nolasco and obligatory black hip-hop star Chris Ludacris Bridges as Lt. Bavura, a true star however is Mila That 70's Show Kunis all grown up now as Mona Sax, a deadly leather clad assassin.

The storyline admittedly veers wildly off track throughout the movie, we have Payne's life which is hell bent on revenge against his family's killers, this crosses over into a series of brutal murder investigations committed against folk with Norse mythology tattoos, Internal Affairs investigation into Payne's involvement with these murders, a super-hot deadly assassin claiming revenge for her equally super-hot murdered sister and of course the obligatory corporate conspiracy. It's a little bit much for a movie based on a video game that didn't have all these threads woven around it in the first place.

The action sequences are a little more than outstanding. The gunplay is a little too sparse considering it's subject matter but once it hits you can feel each impact as if you were suffering from each projectile penetration. The main special effects sequences revolve around the demons being hallucinated by addicts of the Valkyr drug and their appearance injects a contrast of vibrant colour to otherwise washed palette. One disappointment was an under-use of slow motion. I would have been more than happy with an extra 15 minutes or so added to the movie to have all the action scenes in Matrix-esque bullet-time. I know that it's been done to death in the past 10 years, but Max Payne was the first game to feature it and there should have been more.

Final Verdict: A stylish neo-noir action thriller that delivers a troubled violent psychotic loner as good-guy against the freezing cold bleakness of New York and it's fuckin' awesome!

Colonel Creedon Rating: ****1/2

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Mutant Chronicles = Pile of Shit!

The Mutant Chronicles was one of those movies I heard about, saw the trailer and thought "Hey that might be good" [I guess I do that a lot], and even though it has the plot of a Sci-Fi channel TV-Movie you hold out hope that despite it's hokiness-- it may work... doesn't.

This movie is utter garbage and I hope you don't have the misfortune of seeing it. To that end, my review will be laced with spoilers revealing characters, plot points and the ending. You have been warned.

Loosely based on the original Swedish pen & paper tabletop RPG The Mutant Chronicles; the movie is set in 2707 where 4 megacorporations have literally taken over the world and naturally they are all at war. The destructive conflict breaks a seal covering a 700 year old evil machine thingy that turns the dead into zombified mutants. They kill people and bring them to the machine which turns them into more mutants and the process repeats exponentially. Six weeks later the last survivors on Earth are escaping to Mars in Steam-Powered spacecraft (I'm not kidding!) and Brother Samuel, leader of an ancient monastic order asks for men to go on a suicide mission to destroy the machine.

Thomas Jane is an underrated actor, but the shit he was given here wasn't his fault. His two most memorable lines in the movie were "I'm not paid to have faith, I'm paid to fuck things up" and the imaginative "Gimme the fuckin' bomb." John Malkovich shamefully collects a cheque for playing Constantine, one of the Earth leaders completely ineffectually and Ron Pearlman has dropped in my estimation for an awful rendition of the Ar n'Athair (the Our Father prayer in Irish) but there is one dim acting light in the form of the excellent Sean Pertwee who had a noble role and I think gave this his all, sadly it was just too little.

The most annoying aspects of this movie was the way not one, not two, not three... but as many as six characters make a "Noble Sacrifice" with their lives (Jesus! Even one of them did it twice) so as not to slow down the mission or to make sure it continued. I also loved the way water underneath an orbit-reaching rocket ship didn't boil when it took off. Also it appears a victim of the zombie-mutants can be dragged along the ground without food and water for six weeks and survive. But the most annoying thing is near the end your hunch about the movie making a better video game all through watching it was justified when you realise that you've actually played it!!! It's QUAKE 4, seriously near the end-- it becomes Quake 4!

The only redeeming quality of this trash is it's production design, which was phenomenal, from the extraordinary array of costumes to the weapons, vehicles and architecture. A pity it's all wasted in such garbage.

Final Verdict: The Mutant Chronicles is a hopeless waste of money and talent that would have been better served making something else... ...chocolate sauce perhaps.

Colonel Creedon Rating: *

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The "New" Enterprise

We had been waiting for some time but, I can now unveil JJ Abram's re-imagining of the USS Enterprise. To quote a friend of mine: "Groovy!"

While JJ admits he was never a fan of the original Star Trek series, he does have on clear Star Trek cherry-popping moment: the big reveal of the Enterprise during Star Trek: The Motion Picture. "It was the first time I had ever seen that level of attention, that love of detail, given to the tangible, practical reality of the ship." Abrams wanted to take the original Constitution Class of TOS and fuse it to the movie-era refit into a new but still familiar Enterprise. "If you're going to do Star Trek there are many things you cannot change. So if you're going to do the Enterprise, it better look like the Enterprise, because otherwise, what are you doing?"

Source: Civilian Overseer / Popwatch

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day / Remembrance Day 2008

Today is either Veteran's Day or Remembrance Day depending on your part of the world. I request only that, if you see a veteran today that you thank them for their service. It will mean a lot.

Would anyone like any toast?

I saw a Cylon Toaster for Battlestar Galactica a while back but it's been surpassed.

From the shop...

"If there's something every Sith Lord knows how to do it's make a balanced breakfast. While the Jedi have to live off of Jawa juice and fried nerfsteak, the Dark Lord of the Sith prefers to have a reminder of his fiery Mustafar defeat at his breakfast table. Every morning he burns that moment into a slice of bread with the Darth Vader Toaster. This black, ominous kitchen appliance easily leaves the mark of Vader's helmet in every yummy piece of toast. Slather some Bantha butter on top, or make two pieces for an extra-Sithy BLT. Force power not required to operate toaster."

It'll be available in Jan '09.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


I found a lovely E-Mail in my Inbox tonight that I must share with you...

Cindy and I would like to take a moment to thank you for your loyal and steadfast support during the course of this campaign. Governor Palin, her husband Todd, our families, friends and campaign staff extend our deep appreciation for your tireless dedication, support and friendship.

It is the end of a long journey and your support through the ups and downs has meant more to us than you may ever know. Although we were disappointed with the results, we must move beyond this campaign and work together to get our country moving again.

It is our sincere hope that you will join us in putting our country first and continue to work to keep our nation safe, free and prosperous. We urge you to join us in not just congratulating Senator Obama, but offering our next president our good will and earnest effort to find ways to come together as a nation.

Whatever our
differences may be, we are all fellow Americans. We are truly blessed to live in this great country and call ourselves Americans, and we will forever be her loyal servants. Today, let there be no reason now for any American to fail to cherish their citizenship in this, the greatest nation on Earth.

With warm gratitude,

Cindy and John McCain

Click here for the transcript of McCain's concession speech.

It's only now that I'm coming to terms with the results of the election. On Wednesday morning I was the butt of many playful jibes and comments from friends at home and internationally. These ranged from printouts of Obama's face being erected in my field of vision to a notice on my chair reading "Reserved for President Obama." My good friend Darth Harrington even made light of an ad for Tescos 50% off sale on McCain Home Fries " -- I guess there's less a demand for them now, eh Creedon?"

But it's emails like this mass mail from Senator McCain, a personal word of comfort from friends and links like this that allow me, the looser, to come to terms with this political defeat. For someone with my military experience, being victorious in all major military campaigns I've been involved in, defeat has been extra hard and has taken it's toll physically and emotionally. Many future plans are now in tatters, so new ones will need to be formulated.

As Jon Stewart mentioned on his Nov. 5th show -- There is life after the Election. So it's time now to suck it up an move on... After we finish pointing the blame finger that is.

Source: John McCain / Fox News / CNN

Friday, November 07, 2008

Shields Up! We're off to Mars (in 30 years)

Researchers at the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), the Universities of York and Strathclyde, and the IST Lisbon may have solved one of the biggest problems facing interplanetary travel — How do we get astronauts there and back without deadly solar radiation frying their DNA and setting off a cascade of cancers and related diseases? The answer is simple: A force field.

"What is this Star Trek crap you're spewing Colonel?" I hear you ask. Well, Bob Bingham of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford, England has described their solution, basically a force field that wards off solar particles, generated by a powerful electromagnet onboard a spaceship. "The idea is really like in Star Trek, when Scotty turns on a shield to protect the Starship Enterprise from proton beams," Bingham said. "It's almost identical, really."

Their study, published on Tuesday draws on numerical simulation that is also used by experts in nuclear fusion, in which a hot plasma is kept in place by a powerful magnetic field. This technology gives a far more accurate picture of how individual particles behave when they collide with a two-pole magnetic field. As a result, the researchers have been able to devise a smarter, miniaturised model of magnetic protection rather than the blunderbuss-style field generator that was envisaged in the past. Bingham said the "mini magnetosphere" was being pitched both to the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA.

The idea of generating a force field is several decades old, but all previous versions of it had presumed a huge field hundreds of miles across — and the size of the electromagnet needed would make that impossible. Bingham and his colleagues, who bombarded a small generated field with radiation guns, showed the "bubble" could be a lot smaller, just a few hundred yards in diameter. The device still wouldn't shield the crew from rare, but extremely powerful, interstellar cosmic rays, but Bingham said a dense protective coating applied to a spaceship's hull would take care of that.

A recent NASA study had concluded that manned missions to Mars would be impossible, because the lead shielding to protect astronauts during the 18-month return trip would be too heavy to get into orbit. In December 2006, a solar flare and the stream of charged particles that followed it caused the crews of the International Space Station and space shuttle Discovery to take cover behind heavy equipment — even though, being in low Earth orbit, the ISS is reasonably well protected by the Earth's magnetic field.

This lifts a major doubt clouding the dream of the conquest, er.. exploration of Mars. The effects of the environment of space is one of the greatest challenges facing Mission: Red Planet sketched by the United States and Europe for some 30 years from now. Even the shortest round trip -- the distance between the two planets would take at least 18 months, during which time, the crew would be exposed to sub-atomic particles boosting the risk of cancer and other disorders.

Read the Press Release here.

Source: AFP / STFC / FoxNews

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The next Commander in Chief

In his first speech as victor, to more than 100,000 supporters at Grant Park in his home town of Chicago, President-Elect Barack Obama cataloged the challenges ahead. “The greatest of a lifetime,” he said, “two wars, a planet in peril, the worst financial crisis in a century. There are many who won’t agree with every decision or policy I make as president, and we know that government can’t solve every problem. But I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face.”

Senator John McCain called his former rival to concede defeat — and the end of his own 10-year quest for the White House. “The American people have spoken, and spoken clearly,” McCain told disappointed supporters in Arizona. McCain remains in the Senate. Governor Sarah Palin, returns to Alaska after a tumultuous debut on the national stage. In a congratulatory call to Obama Tuesday night, President Bush pledged to make a smooth transition and extended an invitation to the Obama family to visit their new home at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

In Washington, the Democratic leaders of Congress celebrated. “It is not a mandate for a party or ideology but a mandate for change,” said Senate Majority leader Harry Reid. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said “Tonight the American people have called for a new direction. They have called for change in America.”

Obama, in his speech, invoked the words of Lincoln and seemed to echo John F. Kennedy. “So let us summon a new spirit of patriotism, of service and responsibility where each of us resolves to pitch in and work harder,” he said. He and his running mate, Senator Joe Biden, will take their oaths of office as president and vice president on Jan. 20, 2009. He will move into the Oval Office as leader of a country that is almost certainly in recession, and fighting two long wars, one in Iraq, the other in Afghanistan.

Obama will begin receiving highly classified briefings from top intelligence officials tomorrow, as the rush of his campaign gives way to intensive preparations to take over as commander in chief and build a Democratic administration. The briefings typically last 45 minutes to an hour, but Obama’s initial one is expected to be longer. Vice President-Elect Biden will also begin receiving briefings this week.

The president’s daily brief that Obama will receive is mostly written by the Central Intelligence Agency and will include the most critical overnight intelligence for the president. They sometimes dig deeply into a specific topic to give the president an in-depth understanding. National Intelligence Director Michael McConnell will launch the intelligence briefings. CIA Intelligence Director Mike Morell will be Obama’s prime contact with the intelligence community throughout the transition.

Obama will have access to vastly more intelligence, including ongoing covert operations, than he was privy to as a senator, said CIA Director Mike Hayden. “Through expanded access, greater than what he had in his briefings as a candidate or as a Senator, he will see the full range of capabilities we deploy for the United States.”

It was not clear at this time when UNETIDA would read the president-elect into it's ongoing operations but it would be assumed to be some point early next week.

Source: AP

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

May the best man win

Ok folks this is it! As Conan O'Brien has been saying last week, this election has been going on for far too long, "It started in 1966," he joked, but it may feel like that to many as it certainly does to me. I can only imagine the countless man hours and millions of dollars in total that have gone into this one day, November 4th 2008.

This election has captured the hearts and minds of billions the world over. All eyes will be on the USA tomorrow, be they friend or foe. No longer is it a question of a black or white candidate, man or woman, experience or inexperience, friendly or grumpy, old or young, war hero or lawyer, Republican or Democrat. It is about the will of the American people to have made an informed decision based on all available information either watching MSNBC or Fox News, listening to Bill Maher or Bill O'Reilly, reading The Huffington Post or even this blog or perhaps simply going with their gut after listening to the candidates themselves, to go fourth and choose the next President of the United States.

Godspeed to all voters.

Please note that it is not my intention to post again until final confirmation and I will not be answering E-mails or phonecalls for at least 24 hours. Thank You.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Is This Bond!? Where's the fun?

Quantum Of Solace, unlike any previous Bond movie is a direct sequel to Casino Royale. The story continues on from not long after the previous movie ends and the action never stops... ...not even to quip.

Casino delivered us a very different Bond movie from what we were used to; a gritty hard-ass Bond without the wealth of experience or improbable far-fetched gadgets of his "predecessors". And it worked. Quantum however, takes that up a notch and turned Bond into a vengeful bastard with a giant chip on his shoulder. Make no mistake Bond is so far removed from the character you know it's like watching Daniel Craig play an older Jason Bourne. Craig's Bond reverts from the Walther P99 to using the Walther PPK not used since Tomorrow Never Dies, but other than this more Bond-esque weapon, he's almost unrecognisable as the character and I'm sorry to say the movie suffers for it.

Now it works on a modern level, to remove Moneypenny and the associated flirting as well as Q with the unrealistic gadgets but in Quantum they piratically lose Bond's devilish smile and almost all semblance of humour - they went a bit to far! Seriously, there are little or no quips, one liners or sexual innuendo from him in this movie and it's a notable absence. It appears they were attempting to recreate the James Bond from Fleming's books than re-energising the movie franchise. If I wanted to experience the book version then I'd read the goddamn book, it's not what I want or expect from a Bond movie.

Craig does deliver an incredible performance and I can't fault it for what it is. Judy Dench as M provides an life-raft for Bond's descent into darkness. But the babes Olga Kurylenko as Camille and Gemma Arterton as Strawberry Fields (and they don't use her full name on screen in a further siphoning of Bond humour), while hot, don't have the star power of any the Bond Girls of the past 10 years. Even the antagonist Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric) has no quirk that has been a staple of Bond Villains since Dr. No, unless you count a smarmy arrogance? The Jack White & Alica Keys title song is brilliant when heard against the somewhat muted opening titles with regard to the unimpressive graphics and David Arnold returns with a score to rival his Casino Royale masterwork.

What we do get however, is one of the best action movies of the year hands down. We open with a spectacular break-neck (and unfortunately break-car) Italian highway chase with shooting, crashes and explosions. Then there's a running chase through the sewers and rooftops of Sienna, Italy, an incredible boat-chase in Haiti and then in Bolivia, an aircraft chase! I think you get the picture.

This in an incredible adrenaline rush of a movie with frenetic chases, whiplash inducing fight scenes and glorious explosions but it almost bereft of what is truly Bond; so eager were they to cut away the chaff, they removed too much wheat.

Colonel Creedon Rating: ****

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dirk Benedict for Governor

Dirk Benedict [Face on The A-Team and Starbuck on the original Battlestar Galactica] is apparently following where Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse "The Body" Ventura have been before and is taking a shot at becoming a Governor. The only problem I have with this is the fact he reveals this information while being interviewed in Ireland this week by Podge and Rodge.

On the Podge & Rodge Show, Benedict was explaining how difficult it was to be a conservative in a traditionally liberal profession. Podge asked Benedict if he had any political aspirations himself to which Benedict responded that he'll be running for Governor of Montana and that we'll be hearing about that soon enough.

I can find no other media report confirming this even on the actors own website so I don't know how serious he was. If anyone has more information they might send it my way.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Schwarzenegger pumps iron into McCain's Campaign before McCain goes on SNL!

John McCain has been hitting the state of Ohio hard this week in an effort to shave Obama's lead off in the key battleground state before Tuesday. The Republican's campaign has scheduled more stops there Saturday, and it has put an emphasis on Pennsylvania as well. "Our position in these states is strong and undecided voters continue to have a very favorable impression of our candidate," campaign manager Rich Davis said.

In Columbus, Ohio, the great Arnold Schwarzenegger himself energised a crowd at a McCain rally with a speech that mixed a healthy helping of jokes with praise for the Republican presidential candidate."You look all pumped up. You look ready to elect John McCain president of the United States," Schwarzenegger said.

The Governator, added that "John McCain served longer in a POW camp than his opponent has in the United States Senate. Ladies and gentlemen, I only play an action hero in my movies, but John McCain is a real action hero."

In other news: Aides to Senator McCain said that he will make a detour from battleground states to appear tonight on Saturday Night Live, the late-night comedy show that has been a must-watch for many during the political season, including myself in fact. When McCain hosted SNL in 2002, he mocked Barbra Streisand's political advocacy by performing a medley of her songs.

When Sarah Palin, appeared on the show some weeks ago, it earned its best ratings in 14 years. Former star and head writer Tina Fey, a Palin lookalike, has been at the center of the show's recent parodies of the campaign.

If SNL isn't your thing but you still want some Election related laughs follow this link.

Source: Fox News / New York Times/Eamo

Forget Marx what about Stalin?

Journalists from three major newspapers The Washington Times, The New York Post and the Dallas Morning News have been booted from Barack Obama's campaign plane for the final leg of the presidential race. What links these publications together? They've all endorsed John McCain!

The Washington Times Executive Editor John Solomon has reported that the Obama campaign said it didn't have enough seats on the plane, but "I don't think the explanation makes sense to us. We've been traveling since 2007 with him. ... We're a relevant newspaper -- every day we break news. And to suddenly be kicked off the plane for people who haven't covered it as aggressively or thoroughly as we are ... it sort of feels unfair."

"I can only hope that the candidate who describes himself as wanting to unite the nation doesn't have some sort of litmus test for who he decides gets to cover the campaign," Solomon said, making a point that the Obama campaign's decision came just two days after the paper endorsed McCain.

Dallas Morning News Editor Bob Mong said that the "indication" from the Obama campaign was that they were kicked off the plane since they don't represent a national outlet and they don't represent a swing state. He also said said that the McCain campaign recently pulled Morning News staff off the Republican's plane when space became an issue but there was no question that they would be back on McCain's plane again this weekend.

Obama himself has also made a point of attacking Fox News almost daily, even to the point of mentioning them in one of the debates! I'm very disturbed by this aren't you?

Source: Fix News / The Washington Times / The New York Post / Dallas Morning News