Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Colonel quoted in German News

Yeah sure I have an ego, "I'm only humble when referring to my own greatness" as one of my world-renowned famous quotes goes. Nevertheless, sometimes I'm admittedly taken aback by how far my words here spread all over the world, from the U.S. Air Force officer's wife who thanked me for explaining her husbands mission in plain English [She admitted he married a blond], the Canadian student who quoted me in her film-school thesis [I assumed she graduated on the strength of my observations about the future of modern cinema], the and the retired Marine chaplain who said it was gratifying to read something so pro-American from outside the U.S. [despite questioning my religious choice] and so many others.

Well it appears that my astute and somewhat eloquent observations about the french footballers last week have come to the attention of der Freitag, a popular German weekly newspaper. The article from one of der Freitag's blogging journalists appears here [in German naturally] but for those of you who can't translate here is my attempt at the jist of it:

It's not surprising that there was disappointment in Ireland when the French were selected under the most unsporting circumstances for the World Cup. The Irish would have been far better than the French as would have been their supporters amassing in green.
Clearly there are a few smug[?] reactions in the Emerald Isle. Irish Times columnist Brian Kerr said he always knew this would happen and it was down to their coach Domenech, an arrogant and dislikable man.
Amy Laurence of The Guardian [a British newspaper, but it seems it's being quoted here as the sentiment is a bit less emotional than our own] is quoted "La fin. Let the discredits roll. Let Les Bleus depart the total shambles that they are."
The blog "The Dreaming Armadillo" calls France's early exit "poetic justice and the still deeply furious blogger Colonel "Whopper" Creedon is pleased that the Frenchmen are gone and recognises an historical parallel: "Proving they've learned nothing from 1789 - that their revolutions all end in tears."
France must now strive for around damage control and relentless clearing-up. The impotent [?] captain Patrice Evra wants to hold a press-conference next week [something] about the player strike and Anelka. And now even Sarko wants to clear his own name as does Henry. Poor Laurent Blanc stands before Domenech's pile of shit[?], if he takes over his office.

Kudos to Zee Germans who will only quote people who know what they're talking about.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Airborne Laser continuing to perform

It's been over two years and now it's time for an update on the Boeing 747-400-based Airborne Laser (ABL) Test Bed for the U.S. military, which is now firing its high-power chemical laser at three to four times the range seen in the original shootdown exercise, according to Boeing.

It's flying about twice a month with the laser firing once a month against a target board or against actual targets, says Roger Krone, president of Boeing Network Space Systems. Several firings have taken place since the first shootdown in February and further shots this year are planned. Much of the focus has been on expanding the envelope of the laser system, not just in range but also engagement angles, Krone notes.

One of the criticisms within the Pentagon against ABL has been its perceived limited range and the need to position the 747 close to a threat. But Krone says, "it is our hope that over the next year that we will demonstrate the utility of the total system" to show its operational viability.

The test bed funding will continue into next year. The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) in the coming weeks should be defining what activities are planned for that period, says Mira Ricardel, the company's vice president of business development for Strategic Missile & Defense Systems. That also could involve different missions.

Krone says Boeing has had discussions with MDA about potentially hosting a solid-state laser on the test bed, as well as using the existing optics. The 747 would have the room to accommodate the solid-state laser alongside the current COIL laser.

Brigadier General “Ballista” Jackson, UNETIDA's Missile Defence Commander [Northern] said "We at UNETIDA are very happy with this exciting project. We have offered part of our own missile defence budget to the project and we'll be using them as soon as they're operational."

More updates to come...

Discover more at:

Source: Military.com

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mini Reviews: Prince Of Persia and The Losers

Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time

Producer extraordinaire Jerry Bruckheimer is at it again teaming up with Disney to bring the video game hero, The Prince Of Persia to life on the silver screen. You know what you’re getting when you go to a family-friendly Jerry Bruckheimer movie, the highest level of adventure, humour, action coupled with exceptional special effects that cost more than could feed a third-world country for several years.

Jake Zodiac Gyllenhall, a bit buffed up and complete with a mane of dirty-looking hair plays the titular hero Destan and embarks on an adventure that sees him parkour his way across the land as a fugitive after discovering a weapon of unimaginable power. His quest teams him up with a feisty princess Tamina [Gemma Clash Of The Titans Artherton bathed in fake tan] a lovable scoundrel Sheik Amar [Alfred Spider-Man 2 Molina] and Amar’s sidekick the giant Seso [Steve Toussaint] – that’s right, you guessed it – it’s Star Wars in Persia, but I’ve no problem with such a wonderfully crafted homage to my religion. Academy Award winner, Sir Ben Kingsley offers up one of his hammiest performances ever as Destan’s Uncle Nizam and really comes into his own during the 2nd half of the movie.

I played the original Prince Of Persia platformer about 20 years ago on a friends computer up until the point where you fight a version of yourself in a mirror or something but the games have evolved into graphical and puzzle masterpieces under Ubisoft’s administrations since then. I’m reliably informed that the Sands of Time game was the best of the lot so far and fitting that it was what was chosen to be adapted. Like many videogame-to-movie conversions it can at time feel like Prince Destan is completing levels of a video game but it’s not as bad as in most other such projects.

I’ve nothing really to add, it’s nothing overly spectacular, the movie follows the usual Bruckheimer formula, no brain required, just sit back and enjoy. Prince Of Persia does exactly what it says on the tin.

Colonel Creedon Verdict: ****

The Losers

There are three somewhat similar movies out this summer concerning a group of “unorthodox soldiers/mercenaries”. The Expendables, The A-Team and The Losers. The latter is probably the least known and from which the least was expected. Based on the Vertigo comic book of the same name, The Losers details the exploits of a special forces team burned by a Max [Jason Speed 2 Patric] a CIA mission handler and left for dead in South America. They must overcome their personal issues, gather resources and make alliances in order to get their revenge on the man who stole their lives.

What pleases me is that if this is the movie from which the least was expected, then the future looks really good for the other two movies. The Losers succeeds more than adequately in what it sets out to do, it doesn’t try to be bigger than it’s boots and is a worthy addition to the genre. The characters, despite being for the most part seriously clichéd, are engaging, due in no small part to good casting. Jeffery Dean Morgan [Watchmen] is Lt.Colonel Franklin Clay a soldier who is taking the betrayal of him and his men by Max fairly personally. Clay enjoys a strained professional relationship with Cpt. Roque [Idris 28 Weeks Later Elba] who is at odds with his C.O.'s decisions. Chris Evans, soon to be Captain America is Jake Jensen the at times hilarious as tech and comms. expert. Cougar Alvarez [Óscar Jaenada] is the ice-cool sniper. 'Pooch' Porteous [Columbus Short] the laid-back pilot rounds out the team who join forces with Aisha, played by Zoe Saldana who has had no shortage of exposure to audiences in the past year appearing in both Star Trek and Avatar, and thankfully she has no shortage of “exposure” in this movie either… Ahem!

Director Sylvain White who had previously directed nothing of note, makes his mark by choreographing some excellent although somewhat far-fetched OTT action scenes and it’ll be interesting to see how Carnahan and Stallone measure up with their A-Team and Expendables soon.

This is another leave-your-brain at home movie which I’ve never had a problem with and I enjoy these kinds of movies more when I do. [I just hope I remember to bring it the night I go to see Nolan’s Inception].

Colonel Creedon Verdict: ****

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bin Laden Hunter was sent by God

A US man was detained in Pakistan recently while on a solo mission to kill Osama bin Laden.

Construction worker Gary Brooks Faulkner [50] said God prompted him in a dream to travel to Pakistan in search of al Qaeda's leader. His brother Scott Faulkner said that catching bin Laden was his passion.

The detained man is a devout Christian with a prison record who has been to Pakistan at least six times, said relatives and acquaintances who initially laughed when he told them that he wanted to kill Osama bin Laden.

Scott Faulkner said: "Our military has not been able to track Osama down yet. It's been 10 years. It's easier as a civilian, dressed in the local dress, to infiltrate the inside, the local people, gain their confidence and get information and intel that you couldn't get as an American soldier, Navy SEAL, whoever you might be."

Gary Faulkner, of Colorado, arrived in the Pakistani town of Bumburate on June 3 and was assigned a police guard, as is common for foreigners visiting remote parts of the country. When he left a hotel without informing the guard, officers began looking for him, police official Mumtaz Ahmad Khan said. Faulkner was found on Sunday in a forest.

"We initially laughed when he told us that he wanted to kill Osama bin Laden." But, when officers found weapons, including a 40-inch sword and a pistol, as well as night-vision equipment, "our suspicion grew", the police official said.

The Police would like also like to speak to this individual pictured below, who is believed to have made contact with Faulkner during his time in Bumburate.

Source: Sky News

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lesson 1: Think before you speak

If I didn't shoot my mouth off every now and again I'd have two or three stars on my shoulder by now. But it's hard sometimes. Anyone who's worn the uniform has felt at least the slightest frustration when you have to take an order from someone for whom the closest they've got to war was sitting in the front row while watching a screening of Black Hawk Down. But at the best of times we suck it up and say "yes sir" to the man in the suit who has been democratically elected by you, the voters to give us, the fighting men, our orders.

We do our venting by mouthing off to each other in closed circles, wishing for the glory-days of Reagan or whomever embodied the greatest leader we've had in our own opinion. It's secret. What we do not do is give an interview to one of the most popular magazines on the face of the earth, criticising current senior administration officials and mocking them for all the word to read. That is however, exactly what US Army General Stanley A. McChrystal, Commander, International Security Assistance Force and US Forces Afghanistan and his staff did for Rolling Stone this month.

Last year SECDEF Robert Gates asked for US Army General David D. McKiernan's resignation as Commander, ISAF and USFOR-A. Gates said new leadership was needed as the new administration of President Barack Obama launched a new strategy in the seven-year-old Afghanistan war. McKiernan was replaced by General McChrystal [right] who began his command in May '09, with an assessment of the war effort as his first task.

While it was unusual to have a wartime commander removed even during a change in administration [the tlast time it had been done was when President Truman replaced General MacArthur in Korea], McChrystal was described as "a driven visionary with the fortitude and intelligence to turn the war around" he had a wealth of experience in counter-insurgency as a Special Ops officer in difference to McKiernan who was a more traditional military commander and retired with full honours after being replaced.

For the most part, the substitution worked. Based on McChrystal’s original assessment, President Obama ordered an additional 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan. Under his direction, US and ISAF operations in Afghanistan have achieved a greater degree of success and a number of high-profile surges like Operation: Moshtarak in February were successful in the end [despite some civilian casualties]. In March, McChrystal began to exercise a perceived over-arching authority over Special Operations forces, which I will say drew some fire from myself, but as I said; sometimes I shoot my own mouth off.

Despite McChrystal's military achievements, he has a history of making waves. Late in '09, as Obama was weighing how to adjust Afghanistan policy, McChrystal spoke bluntly and publicly about his desire for even more troops — earning a scolding from the president, who felt the general was trying to box him into a corner. But the Rolling Stone article was not something that could be answered by a scolding, it was time for McChrystal to do the honourable thing and avoid the indignity of being fired.

President Obama has selected the current Commander of US Central Command, Army General David H. Petraeus to replace General McChrystal. As McChrystal had been employing some of the tactics that Petraeus himself had hammered out at CENTCOM and what Petraeus developed while in command of US and coalition Forces in Iraq previous to that; it was seen as a logical choice that Petraeus himself step in to replace his disgraced colleague. It is technically a step down for the man known as "King David" who up until now had held the senior military position in direct administration of both the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts and who made the news himself only last week.

General McChrystal himself said in a statement: “This morning the president accepted my resignation as commander of U.S. and NATO coalition forces in Afghanistan”. “I strongly support the president’s strategy in Afghanistan and am deeply committed to our coalition forces, our partner nations and the Afghan people. It was out of respect for this commitment and the desire to see the mission succeed that I tendered my resignation.”

The President himself said: “Over the last nine years with America fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he has earned a reputation as one of our nation’s finest soldiers, but war is greater than any one man or woman, whether a private, a general or a president. As difficult as it is to lose General McChrystal, I believe it is the right decision for our national security.” In nominating General Petraeus, Obama reiterated that the change in leadership marks a change in personnel, not policy.

Posted as a reminder to think before you speak. Each of us is entitled to say what we think, just not in uniform.

Here is the Rolling Stone article online.

Source: Fox News, USDOD, Rolling Stone

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Amos a surprise tap to replace Conway

If I was a betting man, I'd have lost money Monday as Secretary Of Defense Robert Gates announced his recommendation that current Assistant Commandant General James F. Amos replace General James T. Conway [right] as the 35th Commandant of the United States Marine Corps when Conway retires in the Autumn.

The odds of Amos [left] being picked were remote for two main reasons: One is only 5 out of the previous 30 officers whom have held the Assistant Commandant position have been selected to continue on as Commandant, the latest one being General Paul X. Kelley in 1983. The second reason is that in the entire history of the Marine Corps, only infantry officers have ever served as Commandants and Amos is an aviator.

My money would have been on Lt. General Joseph F. "Fighting Joe" Dunford, the current Commanding General of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force and U.S. Marine Corps Forces Central Command - basically the top Marine in Afghanistan and Iraq. Failing Dunford, I'd have gone for General James N. "Mad Dog" Mattis, current Commander, U.S. Joint Forces Command and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation as being commandant would be an extraordinary capstone to his incredible career.

I have no issue with Amos however, he is a man with his own ideas an opinions and had not just played second-fiddle to Jim Conway for 4 years. In fact I suspect that Gates may have chosen him partly because he's less hardlined against the repeal of the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy than I suspect Mattis [right] would be and I know Conway is. General Dunford at 55 is likely in retrospect considered to be fairly young for the position and may have had trouble commanding the respect of the older generals, but Gates has tapped him for the Assistant Commandant position, so perhaps he'll grow from there.

As for Amos, during my famous visit to the 8th and I in March '09 as we passed the Assistant Commandant's house, I recall Gunny Price pointing out what a strange metal bar braced over the General's basement entrance was for "That's where General Amos does his pull ups every morning" he said. When he noticed my shock he smiled "Yeah, he's in his 60's!"

french Fuckers finally off home

The greatest pack of cheating and trouble-making scumbag wasters on the face of the planet, the french, monumentally failed again Tuesday afternoon; this time against the home team at the World Cup in South Africa. Proving they've learned nothing from 1789 - that their revolutions all end in tears; even bringing out on that cheating cunt Thierry Henry during the second half to play some more Gaelic Football [seriously, he handled it again] didn't save them.

Like that turd that somehow didn't flush down the jacks with all the others, the french so-called "team" hung around long past it should have after their abysmal performance against Mexico last week. The former world and European champions also created one of the biggest dramas in World Cup history, boycotting a training session after Nicolas Anelka was sent home for insulting coach Raymond Domenech at halftime of a 2-0 defeat in that match.

a misguided fool

But even as their World Cup hopes floated away like an excited child's untethered helium balloon, the drama didn't stop there. After the final whistle, the South African coach Carlos Alberto Parreira offered his hand and a smile to Domenech but the french fucker shook his finger at him and tried to walk away only to be grabbed by Parreira presumably to get some explanation for his rudeness. But Domenech, a man who called his own team "unspeakably stupid" before the match, continued with his uncouth behavior and began apparently lecturing the Brazilian with an abundance of finger pointing. Watch it here:

When cornered by the press afterwards, Domenech gave no answers for his actions but when asked about the crisis in the french team he responded: "If these are all the questions you are going to ask me, I am going to leave you, we are not from the same world." Brooks Peck wrote in his Yahoo Sports blog: "After all of Domenech's astrology-based roster decisions, post-match marriage proposals, and complete inability to maintain order in his team, I'll agree that he's probably not from the same world."

Bye france! Go and drown your sorrows, or better still - just drown...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

MacGruber: The Ultimate Tool

"If rippin throats gets that warhead back, I'll suck as many dicks as I ...uh...rip as many throats out as I have to."

If you've not seen a MacGruber sketch on Saturday Night Live you're missing out. There have been a couple of dozen of them since the character first appeared in 2007. The premise is simplistic: Based on '80's TV Show MacGyver; MacGruber, played by Will Forte finds himself locked in a "Control Room" of an abandoned mine, airfield, a ship or some other location. Locked in there with him is either Maya Rudolph as Casey [until she was replaced by Kristen Wiig as Vicki], various guest stars of the week and of course a bomb with only a few seconds left on the timer. Vicki will exclaim in panic that there's only X-amount of seconds on the bomb timer and MacGruber will demand her or the guest to hand him objects in the room like a match, a rubber band, a key or chewing gum which we are to presume that MacGruber will expertly combine in some fashion to diffuse the bomb. This never happens however as he is distracted by a wealth of emotional issues triggered by manifestations or reminders of the problems in his life. These include his alcoholism, loosing his savings in the economic crisis, his plastic surgery addiction, his racism and his son's homosexuality. While exploring these though provoking themes, MacGruber looses focus and the bomb explodes.

As the MacGruber sketches last on average about one minute, it was obvious that the subject matter would have to be considerably fleshed out quite literally a hundred fold as the movie is 100 minutes long. Writers Forte, John Soloman and Jorma Taccone who write the SNL MacGruber sketches themselves penned an extraordinary tale of MacGruber returning to action after a long absence triggered by the death of his wife and former assistant Casey [a role reprised by Rudolph]. He teams up with new assistant Vicki [Wiig] and an Army hotshot Lt. Piper [Ryan Phillipe] after being coaxed out of a monastic "retirement" by his old C.O. Colonel Faith [Powers Boothe] in a scene parodying Rambo III.

The motivations of MacGruber are singularly defined by his desire for revenge against Dieter Von Cunth [a now-portly Val Kilmer] a man whom MacGruber is convinced killed Casey. The character undergoes a bizarre metamorphosis from a cowardly inept clown to a deeply mentally disturbed borderline psychotic individual which may not seem funny but in the context of this insane movie is not only perfectly normal but ultimately hilarious.

It is however easy to see why this movie is getting panned in the UK and didn't do a whole lot better in the U.S. either. Like Wayne's World and The Blues Brothers, it's difficult to market as a big-screen adventure and will probably do much better with its inevitable cult following like its predecessors. Its humour is quite frankly a mixture of teenage American Pie toilet humour, a parody of the most cheesy '80's movies and TV shows and the best freaky face that Forte can flex his incredibly limber facial muscles to produce. Its action is just as bizarre with some characters playing it as straight as the most intense Tony Scott movie coupled with the ridiculous bloodletting of Uwe Boll movies. As such its true target audience is an extremely narrow cross-section of movie-goers.

Thankfully, I'm in that cross section and this is one of the best action-comedies I've ever seen on screen. The action-comedy is a strange beast, it demands delivery of both action and comedy in near-equal measure and not step over the line of either genre least the other will suffer. What I mean is an action comedy can't have too much comedy or the action will suffer and vice versa as this would lead to the failure of the whole. First-time feature film director Jorma Taccone, responsible for directing may of the MacGruber sketches and more than 60 SNL Digital Shorts including "Jizz in my Pants" and the Emmy winning "Dick in a Box" never let either side of the action/comedy coin flip too far over and crafted an outstanding masterpiece of the genre... complete with throat-rips!

Final Verdict: Despite a slight over-use of crass toilet-humour, the movie is still side-splittingly hilarious and grotesquely violent in equal measure. A clear comedy winner. But I'm not sure I'll eat a celery stalk ever again...

Colonel Creedon Rating: ****1/2

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Petraeus takes ill during McCain's Interrogation

CENTCOM Commander, General David H. Petraeus was escorted from a congressional hearing room after fainting during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing today.

While being questioned by the man who won 2nd place in the 2008 US Presidential election, Sen. John McCain; The General slumped forward in an apparent fainting spell as his aides rushed to his sides including Colonel Erik O. Gunhus, Petraeus' spokesman.

Gen. Petraeus "is feeling much better," said Gunhus afterwards "It appeared that he fainted."

A doctor checked The General out and he returned to the hearing room amid applause to continue, but committee chairman Senator Carl Levin "overruled him," Gunhus said. "Looks like we will continue tomorrow. He will be OK." On his way out of the building, Petraeus told CNN, "I'm doing OK. I just got a little dehydrated. I ate a couple of bananas and drank some water. I didn't eat breakfast this morning."

Petraeus has the unenviable task of commanding U.S. Central Command, which oversees the conduct of the U.S. wars in the Middle East and central Asia.

"It certainly looked like a botched attempt to poison him," said Colonel "Whopper" Creedon of UNETIDA. "I just watched Casino Royale and it was really like watching the General go through what Bond did. Thankfully our enemies will never understand that people like Petraeus, James Bond or myself can't be taken out with mere poison. Rangers, Recon and MI6 are all trained to withstand such an attack. They'll have to do better than that."

Because History is written by the Winners!

Source: Darth Harrington / New York Post

Monday, June 14, 2010

Transformers 3 aims to correct issues with Revenge of the Fallen

There are many directors and producers out there who are satisfied with simply making money. One would assume there was no problem with a movie that has made $836m worldwide putting it behind only Avatar, but "awesome" Michael Bay acknowledges the faults with last year's Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen and is prepared to correct them.

It appears that both Bay and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura weren't 100% happy with the way the sequel to the greatest movie of the decade turned out despite it's outstanding financial success and are promising something a bit more of what made the original so great by correcting the errors in judgement of the sequel.

While were are promised that there will be less "dorky comedy" in Transformers 3, we will be given a superior villain - provided that is that Bay takes his inspiration from the comic books as opposed to the animated series. It has been revealed that Shockwave, the powerful Cyclopian Decepticon, second in power only to Megatron will be the new antagonist. I'm certainly on board with that, I always liked that character. He had a completely different leadership style to old Meg and his plans seemed to be a bit more focused than others. He was always a purveyor of absolutely pure logic, to a point where he once rescinded command of the Decepticons to Megatron because "it was the most logical thing to do."

Shockwave was originally going to be in the original Transformers movie but his role eventually evolved into the Decepticon Blackout, which was a good call. The character was given a movie-style treatment by the creators of the Transformers video games, but I'd think it unlikely that that design will be used in the movie itself considering he seems to resemble his G1 appearence far too much in comparison to most other characters. It would be a nice touch to give him only one eye though.

Another change made that might only upset you if you prefer brunettes to blonds as Whopper Award Nominee Megan Fox has been replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley of Britishland.

As for plot points, all we know is that it delves into the space race between the U.S.S.R. and the USA, suggesting there was a hidden Transformers role in it all that remains one of the planet's most dangerous secrets.

Source: USA Today

Friday, June 11, 2010

Super-Hero Movie Update.

James Wanted McEvoy has signed on the dotted line to portray a young Charles Xavier in X-Men: First Class. Both Aaron Kick-Ass Johnson and Michael Centurion Fassbender are rumoured to have been offered the role of Erik Lensheer [who will become Magneto]. Jane Goldman, Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz are writing, but it's Matthew Kick-Ass Vaughn directing that has me paying attention after Brett Ratner's X-Men: Last Stand nonsense.

Jeremy Hurt Locker Renner will seemingly play Clint Barton aka Hawkeye in The Avengers movie. He joins Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson reprising their roles from Iron Man 2 as well as Chris Hemsworth as Thor [who will have his own Kenneth Branagh directed movie next year] and of course Chris Evans as Captain America. Joss Buffy The Vampire Slayer Whedon is directing.

Speaking of Joe Johnston's Captain America, it appears that character will be getting some nifty new Hollywood re-imagining of his classic duds below:

Captain America: The First Avenger also stars Sam Jackson as Fury [again], Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Sebastian Kings Stan as Cap's sidekick "Bucky" Barns, Neal Band of Brothers McDonough as Dum Dum Dugan, Tommy Lee Jones as General Chester Phillips - the man responsible for bringing Steve Rogers into the program that turns him into Captain America and as mentioned a few weeks back; Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull.

Getting away from Marvel for a moment, to that other little comic book house, DC Comics...

Batman: Year One, Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli's imagining of the early ears of Batman which has become one of the greatest Dark Knight tales ever is coming to the small screen in animated form. While other than Batman Begins and it's sequel The Dark Knight, the DC movie machine is a fairly damp squib when compared to mighty Marvel; DC Comics animated tales have been a joy to watch since the Batman Animated Series in the 90's, so I have high hopes for this one, especially in light of the magnificent Batman: Gotham Knight a couple of years back.

Christopher Nolan has yet to sign on the dotted line for a 3rd Batman movie but I must applaud his resolve to say "No" when asked if The Joker would return as I don't think Heath Ledger's performance could be topped. He's also confident that Mr. Freeze or The Penguin won't be a part of it either. It seems Nolan will produce a Superman reboot however, which bodes well for that.

Current Super-Hero movie Scheduling

Thor - May 6, 2011
X-Men: First Class - June 3rd, 2011
Green Lantern (3D) - June 17, 2011
Captain America: The First Avenger - July 22, 2011

The Avengers - May 3rd, 2012
Batman 3 - July 20, 2012
Spider-Man reboot - July 2012

Superman Reboot - Late [Xmas] 2012

Thursday, June 10, 2010


My sincere apologies for the lack of updates recently folks.

We "found" something in the Sahara desert. Not only was there no known natural or artificial way of it getting there now - evidence suggests it had been buried long before "we" could have created it.

I've said all I can, back to business...