Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The North Korean Menace

In the past 24 hours, North Korea has launched 7 missiles into the Sea of Japan. One of their largest and most far-reaching the Taepodong-2 is capable of reaching the US mainland, but apparently failed 40 seconds into its launch.
While I'm readying for possible military action against Iran, I did monitor the launches from the bunker. Non-military people have been asking me all day, what's going on? Is it WWIII? Them I can only assure that North Korea's technology is 10 years behind that of the US and no match for the impressive anti-missile defense system in place by both the US and Japan.

Taepodong in Korean means "a kind of penis" and it appears that for the moment the penis is somewhat flaccid.


Anonymous said...

So the expensive missle defense screen depends on the enemies weapons self destructing harmlessly over the ocean? Brillant!

Anonymous said...

Huhh I don't want to be critical Colonel but why are you just standing there in your Action Figure pose ? I mean everyone else appears to be doing something while you just seemed to be standing there looking enigmatic ! "Colonel I got a Bogey at..." "Don't bother me now Marine I'm trying to look good!"

Unknown said...

Penis, misslie, prematurely failing.....must....make......crude.....reference'

Anonymous said...

Didn't Queen have a hit song with "That's A Kind Of Penis"???

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Civilian Overseer: No! There's 6 Interceptors in Alaska, 2 in Calafornia and 10 Aegis Cruisers in the Pacific monitoring all launches. They won't act unless the missiles need to be shot down, and trust me: They will be if necessary.

@ Vaughan: Dolt! I'm obviously observing the master situation monitor which displays potential trajectories of NK missiles. It's basically a big flatscreen telly which shows Fox News the rest of the time.

@ Cubaboy: I was waiting for this.

@ Freddy: Not on any Queen album I have. The closest is "It's a Kind Of Magic".