Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Crysis Report, Part I

You can't have not heard of Crysis by now, the second game from Crytek who originally brought you Far Cry in 2004, has been featured in every gaming magazine and website since this years GDC.

Crysis is not a sequel to Far Cry, but both are similar only in the fact that it's an island setting, but we'll se far more different environments than a tropical jungle in this game. Crysis takes place in 2019 directly following the landfall of a large asteroid onto an island chain. Nefariously, North Korea seals off the island chain to all outside sources in order to keep any potentially beneficial research to themselves. Naturally the defenders of world freedom, the United States sends off a Delta Force squad to find out what's going on in the area.

At the two powers bicker undiplomatically, the asteroid pops open and reveals a mother ship and some highly aggressive alien visitors hiding inside. Naturally it's got some interesting weapons. The world's weather system goes wacky, part of the island chain completely freezes, and humans combine forces to take on the new and more threatening enemy. Over the course of the game, players will have to fight through jungle, over mountain, through towns, and into the heart of the alien ship to take down the threat to humanity.

Of course you as the player will be thrust into the shoes of a super soldier out to save the world. Weapons are important to a shooter and Crytek say that you’ll have customizable armour and weapons which will add to the fun and dynamic aspects of the experience by making players adapt to their environment and enemies. Of course, as you would expect following Far Cry, players will want to be adaptable to deal with some AI that's pretty competitive in the market and will undoubtedly be much improved this time around. Not only will human AI be interesting and use military tactics in real-time, but the aliens will use their own tactics and highly tuned senses to make life difficult for any would be heroes.Even more interesting is the promise of natural disasters to confuse the issue even more. Earthquakes, ice-breaks, landslides, and tornadoes will rock the landscapes of the game making the world a death trap as far as we can tell. These particular features could be pretty interesting.

Continued in Part II

Sources: 3D Gamers, IGN & Gamespy

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