Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Who says that justice doesn't work?

The British bobbies who scored a righteous kill on Jean de Menezes (left) this time last year when they suspected him of being a terrorist: will thankfully not be prosecuted for their excellent marksmanship.

Daftly, however they will be held accountable for violating health and safety laws? There's probably some dumb ISO procedure which they didn't follow during the takedown where they didn't police their brass (pick up their spent shells) and someone slipped on one.

While the rushing Brazilian was later proved not to be a bomb-wielding terrorist, he should have stopped when the men in black with "POLICE" in big white letters armed with the beautiful H&K MP5 Sub-machine gun told him to do so. Sadly because this guy was apparently innocent, the UK has left their shoot-to-kill policy slip a bit. Shame.

That reminds me of the best visual gag of last year before The Colonel's Eagle came online. It'll never get old for me :)

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