Sunday, July 16, 2006

Karadon Retires From DDO

The greatest knight whomever roamed the lands of Eberron; Karadon: Slayer of a million Kobolds, has retired from active service to the Church of the Holy Flame.

After 4 and a half months of exemplary service to the people of Stormreach, the mighty Paladin, long-time comrade of Zendrak Thalendon: the sneaky rogue and Alro: the holy cleric, passed on his arsenal of powerful weapons and armour to a fellow paladin who vowed to continue on the fight. "I met Shayla in the Rusty Nail, she thought I was drunk when I began handing over 65000gp and the greatest Paladin armour and weapons that could be purchased in their price category".

Karadon's last campaign was in the Tomb of Delera where he protected his comrades in a battle to near death for their very souls.

"I was able to defend my frightened comrades using my superior martial skills to vanquish the evil undead that dwelled within." Karadon said humbly "The power of my deity flowed through me, no undead could withstand my onslaught, even the non-corporeal Wraiths fell before my magic and Ghost-touch weapons as I accounted for far more kills than anyone else, it was glorious".

Karadon felt the taint of evil however, take hold of him in that darkened dungeon. "There may have been a higher power there, but on either side of good and evil. Unseen eyes watching me with passionate envy, to what end, I know not but once I emerged, I knew I would not be returning as the others would".

What does the future hold for Karadon? "I shall miss my friends and comrades, it is likely that they will be lost without my leadership, I may have not always known which way to go but they knew that glory, treasure and adventure were found by following me. Still, I must move on, I hear Neverwinter is nice in the Autumn" and with that Karadon stepped on a ship which disappeared into the mist.

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