Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rummy Out

I expected a pitched battle, a firefight with a Mexican standoff situation before Donald Rumsfeld left office, but it looks like I'm denied.

United States Secretary Of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, a patriot in the strongest sense of the word and one of the few civilians I've to ask "How high?" when he asked me to jump, has resigned after 6 years of service in the position. He leaves behind a reformed Pentagon and a transformed, stronger and superior US military war-machine not seen since WWII with heavy emphasis on special operations and global co-operation. I'll miss you Mr. Secretary.

Thankfully, I'm "rather excited" by the President's choice of replacement for Rumsfeld, former Director of National Intelligence and former CIA Director Robert Gates. A "Cold-warrior" whom you may remember from the Iran-Contra days. It's good news for those with political or military interests in clandestine operations, wetwork and anything "black". I think we're in for some good times ahead.


Anonymous said...

I hear there's a few more resignations in the Pentagon coming on stream too.
Colonel, why is the Commandant retiring this month as opposed to January? Are you kicking yourself that you should have resigned too before being court-martialed?

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

No comment

Anonymous said...

Is it a case of, once you go black you never go back, eh, Colonel?