Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Man 'Armed' with Shoe Killed - Part 1 in my "Shoot First, Ask Questions Never" series!

A fugitive from south Florida was shot dead outside an apartment complex near Lithonia, Georgia, by federal agents who thought he he was carrying a gun.

Youwiers Vilpie, 24, was wanted for questioning over two murders in Florida. Members of Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force went to arrest him on federal drug and weapons charges at an apartment complex in Atlanta. Officers first shot him with a Taser but it seemed to have little affect.

US Marshal, Richard Mecum said Vilpie emerged with "something in his hand and he pointed it at them". Agents told him several times to put his hand down and opened fire when he refused, it was reported.

Mecum said Vilpre apparently had put his hand down inside a shoe and was pointing the shoe at the officers when he was shot. "They weren't sure what it was because it was dark, and they thought it was a gun," Mecum said and added that Vilpre was part of a robbery crew that had been targeting businesses in Collier County, Florida.

Below is what I think the shoe may have looked like in better light.

Sources: United Press International, Fox News


Anonymous said...

I see you have the ol' Doc-automatic in a 9mm variant. Interesting, we'll be sure that you'll be wearing flip-flops when you're sent to prison now.

Anonymous said...

Hey its gotta be better than the story on the back of todays examiner where police in the United States "disarmed " a completly nude man ( it turns out he was an ex con and was found to have a make shift shiv stuck up his arse)I pity the poor officer who had to search him.