Saturday, November 18, 2006

Casino Royale: The Best Bond Ever!!!

Hard hitting and gritty, Daniel Craig cements his place in cinema history by rebooting the most famous movie character of all time, British super-spy James Bond with Casino Royale.

I say reboot because this is not the Bond you know from any previous incarnations of the character seen in the movies since before you were even born. The new Bond is taken directly from Ian Fleming's novels and represents the first true faithful representation of James Bond seen on screen.

Fittingly the story is presented as if this is the first major adventure undertaken by the newly minted 007. Gone is much of the things which makes a Bond movie what it is and at times it seems like a generic action picture, but before long something "Bondesque" will shatter that misconception and remind you what you're watching; be it the sharp Bond wit now spewing from Craig's rugged features or a familiar few notes from the musical genius of David Arnold who breaks the bounds of Barry's dated formula serving us something equally fresh but unmistakably Bond. This approach to the movie works exceedingly well and is a perfect way to re-introduce the character.

The film is excessively violent for a Bond movie and I would not recommend it for younger audiences; So violent even the stylistically animated people in the title sequence are brutally killed- I shit you not, this no Roger Moore comedy family entertainment and has none of the high-tech wizardry required to make Brosnan a great Bond- this movie is a straight-faced adult action movie which I instruct everyone go and see.

Independent film-maker Vaughan said "It's the best Bond movie ever" and "I will own it on DVD" ending months of speculation; controversially he added "Craig is better than Connery".

While I do say "told you so", to the multitude of naysayers who ridiculed me when I broke the news here on The Colonel's Eagle that Craig would be the new Bond, I'm not going to be so quick to agree to Vaughan's opinion on him, give me a few more Danny Craig Bonds to determine that, but give them to me now- I can't wait for them.

Colonel Creedon rating: *****

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