Monday, November 06, 2006

Bond is Bloody (Brilliant)!

Daniel Craig the new James Bond, has branded Casino Royale the most violent yet (presumably even over License To Kill where I remember giggling gleefully when Benicio Del Toro was minced in the cocaine-powdering-machine-thingy).

Craig was amazed at the excruciating pain he had to endure for some of the stunts. He says, "You're not doing it right if you're not getting hurt. The stunt boys were going through pain levels that I couldn't even imagine and carrying on. I was in pain throughout the whole movie." He recalls one particularly harrowing scene in which Bond kills a man in the bathroom: "I watch that sequence and I wince. All my knuckles split, my hands were in bandages after it. And I had a fight double - Ben. I did the bits that hurt. And he did the bits that really fucking hurt. But that's the thing with this Bond. He bleeds. It's more about the fact that he bleeds, goes down and gets up again."

The good news is the British press, which traditionally are the most harsh of critics, are unabashedly praising the film and especially Craig's performance as the best since Connery, and the best Bond film in general since Goldeneye.

"It seems we have underestimated you, Mr Craig." - The Times

"Last night, there were no doubts Craig possesses the hard-man credentials which might make him many millions more fans." - The Telegraph

"We're stirred, Mr Bond" - The Daily Mail

"I might even own this one on DVD" - Vaughan (independent Filmmaker known only for selecting quality productions for his DVD collection - without even seeing the film)

Tune in here in two weeks for The Colonel's review.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about doing a review of the film because I've planned to see it no matter what you say.
Lets talk about that profile picture you have recently changed Are you sure your not recreating Auguste Rodin’s most famous sculptures 'The Thinker'?

Anonymous said...

Sorry after refering to this link below I was very wrong in my previous post, I see that ' The Thinker' depicts a man (probably french) in sober meditation battling with a powerful internal struggle.

Anonymous said...

actually PF now that you point it out , that really is quite a scary resemblance ,I know the colonel is under a lot of stress but for the love of god theres no need to start being inspired in his poses by the FRENCH!!!!!!!!

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

According to your link PF "It depicts a man in sober meditation battling with a powerful internal struggle."

While I admit the "powerful internal struggle" is accurate the "sober" element may be negated by the empty Jack bottle.

Anonymous said...

I'm more thankful that the Colonel didn't take Rodin to the extreme and pose naked himself.

The article also says "Rodin wanted a heroic figure..." - (Don't let the Colonel's medals fool you- he got those for leaving people behind) " represent intellect as well as poetry." - The analogy falls completly apart here for obvious reasons.