Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Colonel In Crisis: Part V - The Verdict!

23:24 15-11-06. The verdict is in and I'm sure you'll all be glad to know that I was found not guilty of the charge and specification of Misbehaviour Before The Enemy.

All is not rosey however; sentence must yet be passed in regards to my original charge: Failure to obey an order or regulation. Closing arguments have just been delivered and Col. Ross has called a 24 hour recess to assess information before sentencing.

I'm obviously slightly anxious.



Anonymous said...

It's a darn shame that a fine upstanding military man should have to waste his time and the tax payers money defending against so obviously trumped-up charges.

Your duties are far too important to be put on ice in this way.

I sure as hell hope you sue the bollocks off the traitorous bastards who commenced this action after you are acquited.

Anonymous said...

If he walks away after waiting this long; I'll fuckin' shoot someone.

Major General Creedon said...

I've removed comments from a user pretending to be Cubaboys mother, Master Guns mother and elsewhere my own mother.

This level of nonescence will not be tolerated. Words of goodwill as above are encouraged and even the aforeposted threats of violence are more welcome than unconstructive "conversations" between multiple personalities of the same user.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Still havn't got the hang of "Freedom of Speech" thing?