Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2IGTV Episode 30

So important an issue; Mark doesn't even bother to report that the Microsoft Zune was released. Instead he uses his amazing mind powers to guess what the Colonel's topics are in this hour-long 30th episode and succeeds in guessing that Ron Moore (left) thinks Star Trek would benefit from a BSG-style reboot. The non-existent rumour that Sin City 2 is not going to happen is eliminated. Bryan Singer eyeing Wolverine. Hugh Jackman eyeing The Amateur. Discover what Heath Leger's been reading and who's been cast as the new Bloodrayne, Sarah Conner and Officer Poncherillo in their respective productions. Christopher Walken in you'll-never-guess-who-he's-portraying-now shocker! We report on why the PS3 is extremely bad for your health. Robert Downey Jr. on Iron Man and our respective views on Casino Royale: The Best Bond Ever. (And much more because I know I've left a few things out!).

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