Sunday, November 05, 2006

Neverwinter Nights 2 Released To Favourable Reviews

The most anticipated PC RPG event of the year has successfully taken place and the internet has come alive with views of Obsidian's newly released sequel to Neverwinter Nights.

Above: A Balor. As Nicole Richie might say "That's Hot!"

IGN have one of their video reviews up here for Neverwinter Nights 2, check it out, it has a good spread of video captured elements of gameplay and menus. For those who prefer to read a review go here. IGN gives it an 8.5, a score improved upon my most of the readers reviews.

Gamespy are a bit more pro-active and helpful in the NWN2 department. They came across some bugs but provide details in their initial review on how to overcome them. They do make a point that they've not yet had the chance to explore the entire game in-depth, but their early impressions are indeed most favourable and that this certainly seems like what D&D fans have been expecting and hoping for for quite some time.

Other favourable reviews include one at Gamespot who give it 8.6/10. This also includes another video review, not as good as IGN's but worth a look. Elsewhere Gamedaily awarded 5/5, a score of 9/10 at Gamesradar and Yahoo Games applied a score of 4.5/5.

In a move usually reserved for the most colossal fuck-ups, pulled their 5/10 online review (which will also now not appear in January's Games For Windows mag). Apparently the review did a "disservice to fans of the RPG genre", and after reading the written trash myself before it was removed, I concluded that the reviewer was drunk while writing it or he was less than 12 years old. It certainly wasn't even looked at by an editor which isn't surprising in this day and age of cut and paste. I suspect he'll be looking for a new job come Monday.

Most reviews are more than favourable. Many compare it to the excellence of Planescape: Torment or the Baldur's Gate series as opposed to the original NWN which is seen as a plus. Most reviewers seem happy (as am I) that this time you have fully controllable and equippable party members and you get your own stronghold during the game. A lot of them are however disappointed and somewhat bewildered with the fact that you need a serious gaming rig to play the game on max settings but the quality of the graphics doesn't seem to reason or support this requirement especially for the character models. Despite a few teething bugs that they all noticed (what doesn't nowadays) it probably is the experience everyone's been waiting for and so everyone does indeed recommend you to get it especially D&D fans.

The only really bad news on the NWN2 from is that it does appear that from initial reviews and user comments that most people have suffered quite a few bugs, the most serious involving area transition and cutscenes. These are being worked on right now by the developer. J.E. Sawyer - NWN2 Lead Designer, Obsidian Entertainment, on the official forums, apologised for any issues encountered. Most peoples issues stem from the fact that practically no two PCs are alike with so many different hardware and software configurations and they can't all be tested before launch. "I, also, am the sort of person who puts off buying PC games if I sense even a hint of serious problems on launch. I buy most PC games well over a month after they come out because I know that's the nature of the beast. I would rather have people wait to buy the game if they have concerns than buy the game and be disappointed."

There are a number of options for people who want to purchase the game. Most people worldwide will be happy with the bog-standard version on DVD (but it's available in some areas on CD-ROM for people still living in the 20th century). If you're in the market for a copy of the game always look online rather than your high-street rip-off store. In the 10 years I've owned a credit card I've always paid much less than what you're forced to pay in shops. A new game (here in Ireland) like this in a store ranges from €€39.99 (UK£26.75/US$51.03) to €49.99 (UK£33.43/US$63.79) depending on which rip-off merchant you go to. But go to an online retailer where shipping is free like Play or in this case where the best NWN2 bargain of €€26.99 (UK£18.09/ US$34.44) is found.

If however, you desire overpriced collectors edition directors-cut bullshit... ... like I do; beg borrow or steal the obscene amount of money and buy one of the Collectors Editions of Neverwinter Nights 2. Here in Ireland (or in the UK) exclusive to Game stores you may be lucky enough to bag yourself the Chaotic Evil Collectors Edition (pictured left) or like me if you're pure of heart and are a force of good in the world the Lawful Good Collectors Edition *(pictured right) is available exclusively from The large boxes are loaded with tacky shit, a soundtrack and some in-game enhancements like +1 saving throws, continual light and magic weapons for your character. Full details of the complicated myriad of different Limited Editions worldwide and their contents can be found here.

Here's a link to the Neverwinter Nights 2 Trailer if you missed it (and you still need convincing).

*Update: The Lawful Good Collectors Edition has now sold out, but it is now the 2nd time it has done so, there may be more on the way, keep checking.

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