Monday, December 19, 2005

X3 unleashes trailer

I've been so drunk and/or tired for the past few days I missed the fact that Fox has uploaded the announcement teaser trailer for X-Men 3. It's most impressive for a teaser really, all I was expecting was a logo but we get some idea what the film is about instead- fancy that eh? Well in it we see that Jean Grey has returned from the dead (they obviously don't see that as a shock if it's in the teaser) and has become Phoenix, which you'd have to be blind, deaf and stupid not to have figured out at the end of the last installment. I also saw The Beast played by Kelsey "Fraiser" Grammer (above) and Angel in it so it looks like the mutant count is up again, but evidence of Shadowcat, Collossus, Juggernaut, Callisto and Jubilee to name but a few make me think that there may just be a bit too many characters for non-comic book fans to keep track of.
I'm even more worried however, mainly due to the fact that Bryan Singer will not be helming this installment as he's busy with Superman. Instead we have Brett Ratner who made the god-awful Rush Hour films so my hopes ain't too high this time around.


Anonymous said...

HOW DARE YOU MOCK THE GENIUS THAT IS BRETT RATNER!My god the man not only directed rush hour ONE and TWO but also such classics as after the sunset with pierce brosnan and who could forget the classic Red Dragon......wait a minute sorry no wait , I got my words mixed up I didn't mean to use the word classics , I meant to use the word SHIT!

Unknown said...

Ah now in fairness if you watch the extra three hours to story they cut out of After the Sunset or read the book which Rush Hour was based on you'll find them much more entertaining...or something.