Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Bourne revealed!

The trilogy of Bourne spy films attempts to answer the question: Who is Jason Bourne? The final installment – The Bourne Ultimatum – should answer that once and for all.

Jason Bourne embarks on a mission to get to the bottom of things – the Treadstone project, and the conspiracy among those who would like to eliminate the evidence. Along the way, he discovers his pre-Treadstone past in the military, his mother, and his real name.

Locations will range from London to Paris to Gibraltar to New York but this will be a big one so don't expect it next year.


Unknown said...

i wish someone could "reveal" why Hollywood keeps on making this shit trilogy. I wouldn't even say its a legitimite trilogy. Does three barely connected plot lines make a trilogy nowadays??? And why is Matt Damon still employed as an actor??? I watched the latern jawed one's buddy Ben affleck in Daredevil last night, was a pile of steaming excrement.

I urge readers of this blog not to go and see the final installment of this "trilogy" and indstead send a message to Hollywood types that the movie going public won't lap up this sugar for the brain.

Anonymous said...

In the words of Team America

Anonymous said...

P.S I suggest to cubaboy before deriding Daredevil he watch the directors cut where they put back in twenty minutes of story!then ask what kinda sugar the hollywood types are lapping up to think "no lets butcher a great story so we can get an extra show a day into theatres"

Unknown said...

Watch an extra twenty minutes of Daredevil???? What crime against humaity have I commited to deserve such a harsh sentence??? Paedophile, granny mugging, horse raping, cathoilc priests don't deserve that!!!!