Friday, December 09, 2005

"CHiPs" ride again!

And this time it's not a case where they dig up Larry Wilcox and Eric Estrada to do a TV movie as in "CHiPs 99". No, this is a fully modernised movie much like they're doing at the moment with Miami Vice. The only casting at the moment is Wilmer Valderrama as Poncherillo but I'll have more soon no doubt.

It begs the question what's the next wonderful childhood memory to be raped by the power of Hollywood unoriginality?

Answers in the comments below...


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Anonymous said...

(pauses scream to think)But then again who will be the first in line to see this monstrosity why the good colonel I think ,why? I hear you ask , how many other men do you know still have part of their CHIPS costume they owned when they were FIVE!and are proud to show it to their friends ah well now where was I? ah yes Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Anonymous said...

Michael Bay's Transformers. The movie where Megatron isn't a gun. While they are fine with 50 foot tall talking robots they don't think they fact that he can shrink is "believable".

Oh yeah, it looks like DreamWorks (Home of the Transformers movie) is being sold to Paramount. I'd expect Brad Grey to begin axing projects left and right.

Unknown said...

I heard the other day that they're planning Wonderly Wagon 2005 with Brad Pitt as Judge and Angelina Jolie as Crow. Director Oliver Stone's three hour take on the happy caravaners is said to be set in a bleak post apocalytic world of willie less giants and woman with four holes.

Also Paramount are in negotiations with Tom Cruise to play Bosco in Bosco The Movie. Billy Bob Thornton is rumoured to play "Frank" with Jenna Jameson in the role of "Marion", the mind boggles.

And finally Robert de Niro will play Forty Coats and Jack Black will play Padjo (you know, that rat that lived in the junkbox). That always disturbed me I have to say, celebrating vermin which interacted with people. I always thought he should have been exterminated.

PS Colonel badmouthing Hollywood because of their lack of creative ideas is my schtick, return to the land of Yoda!!!!

Major General Creedon said...

Young punk! I was badmouthing Hollywood on the internet back in the days when you thought that a mouse was vermin just like Padjo!