Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Narnia- yay or nay!

To be honest this is something I'm not going to see it due to it's non-violent nature and the fact that it's billed as a kids film, I doubt there'll be anything in it for me.
I'll admit to watching almost every episode of the 80's TV series as a lad and I enjoyed it- then, but I'm not going out to buy the DVD boxset tomorrow- some things must stay buried in the past for fear of destroying their memory.
It seems that the film critics love it! But then again I never listen to people who are paid to have an opinion about entertainment- I listen to peers, people I know, people who give an honest opinion because they're not paid (or brown-enveloped by movie-studios) to tell us what we want to know.

So what are people saying about it? Four out of the five people I know whom have told me they saw it seemed to be most disappointed. Mark wants everyone to avoid it. Pearlgurl has frankly said the film is "the biggest load of bollox ever". I asked a poor soul at work what they thought of it and they started crying. There was one advocate however (there's always one) whom I won't name for fear of retaliation against him- but he seemed impressed with it, after being forced to listen to his account of the film I finally asked him, knowing what I like, was there anything in the film for me? He conceded that there wasn't.

Unlike Star Wars or Harry Potter who's franchises have more adult than children followers, Narnia is firmly grounded into the under 12's age group and I'm sure it'll be as fondly remembered by them in the future as we remember "The Neverending Story" or somesuch.

I wouldn't be a Colonel unless I barked orders so I order you all not to go and see this film! Kong is out this week and I'm sure it'll be forgotten about anyway.


Unknown said...

Was the person at work who saw it Anus???

Anonymous said...

I fear no retaliation,yes I did enjoy Narnia and I'm not afraid to say it!The beauty of the film is that it stays loyal to the book and that is also its one flaw as the book was written in the mid 1940s and is thus a bit slower than the childrens litrature of today and aso I expect those who were dissappointed were expecting another Lord Of The Rings.
However any childrens film that begins in the cockpit of a Nazi Heinkel he111 during a raid on London as we watch the planes wingmen go down in flames(I know sith apologist is shivering with excitement at this image)quite easily beats the living tar out of the unoriginal crap that is Harry Potter.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Cubaboy. No.

@ Vaughan. Good on you sport. I don't have cowards for friends. In fact just knowing me gives people courage.

Anonymous said...

Given the choice between spending 24 hrs a day with family over christmas, its likely I'll end up seeing both Kong and Narnia ... I'll let you know later how disillusioned (or not) I am later.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for clousure on my lawsuit against "The Neverending Story" for false advertising...

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Sith Apologist: Well by all means see Kong, as for Narnia: my previous order is rescinded but for you only.

@ Sgt.D.M 1.1. Congratulations on your promotion Sgt.Matrix. Actually I read that some yank actually filed a real lawsuit against the makers of the film but lost on the grounds that wile the makers were putting out the sequels and most recently a TV-Miniseries, that the story was in esscence 'never-ending'.