Thursday, November 24, 2005

Braga; now you can crawl back into your hole!

Brannon Braga's sci-fi show Threshold has been cancelled by CBS. I'm absolutely delighted. I wanted him to fail so badly- now I got my wish. Apparently the ratings for Braga's show were even worse after they changed it from Friday to Tuesday and that was the nail in the coffin for the network.

Braga, you murdered a good friend of mine (Star Trek), now you've no supporters, fans or even a show, you can fuck off now! Why not release your wasted life energy into the cosmic pool where it can be used by someone with more to offer the world.

With the news that he would not be continuing as a Star Trek producer and that his partner in crime Rick Berman would also be leaving Trek behind him after the next movie, this is turning out to be a very good week indeed.


Anonymous said...

I watched the first two episodes of Threshold, it wasn't that bad , in fact the best of a bad lot if you look at Invasion or Surface where they changed the premise of it being Aliens to intelligent Dinosaur Dragons within two weeks of launching!!!!
and you say it was a very good wee , you must have been holding on for quite a while there .

Anonymous said...

I'm with the Colonel on this, how many Star Trek episodes did he trash with his 'anamoly of the week'?

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

..and every slow period would be resolved by the Borg- even on ENTERPRISE for Christ's sake. He's gone now. Hope he doesn't come back.

Anonymous said...

Slow periods ... Borg ... so much about Voyager from series 4 onwards becomes clear now!

Anonymous said...

Still he did give us the Orion dancing girls in the first episodes of Enterprise and isn't he doing Seven?, wait a minute, Colonel you'r right, that Bastard!