Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I've achieved fame!

"When someone writes about you, whatever it is, you're famous".
Edward Bennett c1962

Cubaboy has written this hilarious article. I hope some TV producer sees this and gives him a job. It'd be better than some of the shite that they put on nowadays.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but one can't help wondering he'd last in such a role. Whilst reports about "piss bombings" and girls who have "nipples like JCB starter buttons" have their place, its probably not on broadcast TV. Maybe we should give ham a camera allow him to do rando items for distribution over the net?

Unknown said...

Hey there's a large market out there who want to know about the latest spate of piss bombings sweeping the greater Mallow area. And what if I am "un PC" enough to openly appreciate a lady with gigantic nipples??? Goddamnit I say if a Lady shows off her nips stand up and admire them (but don't touch, that can lead to other problems), and if some one is annoying you douse them in your own piss. Lets start a movement of pissbombings and nipple short lets be men and be proud, who's with me????

Anonymous said...

I can willingly joing the nipple appreciation, but have yet to partake in the joyous expression of rage that is a vengeful piss bombing.

Anonymous said...

Of course, if by cubaboy writing about you, you achieve fame, then I am indeed also famous.
Although I'd rather be a USMC Colonel than a cross-dressing Sinn Fein candidate.