Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Galactica set for third year

The best new sci-fi show this century is getting a thrid season. Battlestar Galactica has surpassed all expectations and with this renewal, will even surpass in quantity the amount of episodes of it's original incarnation as it has done in quality.

The science fiction remake began as a miniseries two years ago but was expanded into a television series after meeting with acclaim and impressive ratings. Galactica continues to be the Sci Fi Channel's top shows week after week. In fact, 7 of the channel's top 10 most-watched broadcasts in 2005 were episodes of Galactica.

In the meantime, the show is preparing to resume its second season this January after a mid-season break. More when it returns...


Unknown said...

Have you ever had a fart and followed through, drwaing mud in you panties??? Thats what the new Galactica is to me. An annoying, uncomfortable stain on the original pristine show. Starbucks as a woman, your havin' a giraffee aint cha??? No, I prefer to put my pants on one leg at a time, and my battle stars "galactic", not "pathetic" like this new version .

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

But there's no Muffit- the robot dog- that HAS to count for somthing!

I'm glad that Cubaboy is in more of a minority than a Black supremist at a KKK meeting, and that the new BSG has been accepted by most - even Richard (original Apollo) Hatch who has an important part on the new show, and will continue into a third year.

Unknown said...

I'd also like to add that I've never actaully watched the new version of Battlestar, but I know I'd be disappointed.

And it's not surprising Richard "My career died quicker than a Kashmiri earthquake survivor" Hatch likes it, he gets a regular bloody paycheck for the first time in twenty years.