Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cheadle to replace Howard as Iron Man 2's Rhodey

I got sent a link to the same news story today from two loyal readers at opposite ends of the political spectrum - one on the side of good; supporting freedom, liberty, justice, democracy and patriotism - the other supporting almost pure evil and yearning for unchecked socialism to gain a foothold in the western world. And in the crazy world of this blog - the good guy's A LAWYER!!!

One thing they do agree on however (and by not actually saying it, they're both crying out for it) it that I've not as yet properly begun the hype for what will undoubtedly be the greatest sequel in cinematic history*. Well I'll now correct that oversight, Let the hype begin:


Happy? Good.

Jon Favreau had been doing some interviews and chats of late, which I have been in the process of getting ready to publish, but I feel it's more necessary for to me to focus in the election at the moment especially since I discovered that I could have influence and my voice actually carries weight (or so I'm told). But one piece of news I can now share with you emerged today:

Apparently Terrence Howard, who played Lt.Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes in Iron Man will not be returning for the sequel. Apparently the actor was holding out for a little more money than Marvel were prepared to dish out. Now normally I'd side with the actor or director against the big scary corporation, but in this case I think Marvel were probably right to axe him. Howard is a good actor, and his performance as Rhodey was good but not great like the other performances in the movie and I think partly because he's probably a little too... effeminate in his speech to convincingly play be a movie-hard-ass Air Force officer if you know what I mean? They said it was the money Howard was asking for, and when you take this quote from an interview a while back you'll see something more: “you know if they do a 2 I know they'll do a 3, and this is just speculation on my behalf, and if they do a 3 then they'll spin-off into War Machine 'cause War Machine seems to have its own little following. Which, you know, galvanizes my own personal interest in it, I've never really signed on to be a sidekick.” In other words: "I'm shit-hot and I deserve to be the star." Marvel laughed and bid him goodbye.

Unconfirmed reports at this time show that stepping in to replace Howard as Rhodey is another Oscar-Nominated actor, Don Cheadle.

[Right: Artist's impression of Cheadle as Rhodey]

I'll admit not to seeing too many of this guy's movies either, but I do remember him as Washburn in Hamburger Hill and Agent Roberts in Swordfish (no I have not soiled my eyes with the Ocean's trilogy, but he's in those too). I think Cheadle could pull Rhodey off a little better than Howard from what I've seen, so just like The Dark Knight replacing Katie Holmes with Maggie Gyllenhall - Iron Man 2 has "upgraded" it's cast as well.

A lot more soon...

* The Empire Strikes Back is exempt from this title as it is religion, see my ratings in the left sidebar near the bottom.

Source: Bruce, Civilain Overseer & The Hollwood Reporter


Anonymous said...

"the other supporting almost pure evil and yearning for unchecked socialism"

By this, I take you mean the Democrats?, Lt.Col, as such I have to correct you. I am on the side of America, first, last and always.

McCain or Obama?, hmmm, I believe both have the potential to be fine leaders. I believe who ever is elected by the people will have a very difficult time repairing the damage done by the Bush administration both domestically and on the world stage.

Bruce Russell said...

What if the two candidates were merged into a single being, "McBama" (or "Ocain," if you'd rather)? Man, would that ever be freaky. Even moreso than "Tuvix."

Anonymous said...

Then the illusion of choice that the two party system presents would be dispelled. Far better to reanimate the corpse of Lincoln. Who wouldn't vote for Lincolnstein?

Anonymous said...

Bruce, I saw that and my first thought was "McBain"!

Anonymous said...

Civvy, that sounds strangely like a plotline from the Venture Brothers. Have you been watching it?

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Civvy: "I believe who ever is elected by the people will have a very difficult time repairing the damage done"

Or if the Democrats are successful in November: create a whole new set of problems just like Clinton did that will make the minor hiccups of the Bush administration seem insignificant.

Unknown said...

Your photoshopping is disgracefull Colonel, his bloody neck looks about a foot long. This isn't what I read this site for!! I demand my valuable time back!!

Anonymous said...

Connie, sounds like a cracking show, I'll order it on Amazon straight away.

Lt.Col, it's a universal truth, the longer a government is in power the more unpopular it becomes, thats why the illusion of choice is so important.