Friday, October 10, 2008

One saving grace granted for Punisher: War Zone

In 2IGTV 59, I spoke about the upcoming Punisher: War Zone and how it looks like it may tank due to director Lexi Alexander wanting to deliver a PG-13 cut of the film in direct contrast to the brutal hardcore Red-Band trailer.

A PG-13 rating would be insane for a Punisher movie considering the actual comic book is aimed at readers older than that! However, after the Motion Picture Association of America looked at whatever cut they got of Punisher: War Zone, they slapped an R-rating on it, so maybe the whole thing won't be a complete shambles.

Now if they just expand on this impressive trailer without trying to make a story out of it; it just may be brilliant!!!

Source: Chud

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Bruce Russell said...

As you've so eloquently pointed-out on previous occasions, Punisher hanging from a chandelier while gunning down the enemy pretty much guarantees the film at least a "B-".