Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Children of the Peoples Republic of Obama

I've seen some pretty disturbing stuff in my lifetime from the young members of the cult of David Koresh to platoons of youngsters in the east, in little military get-ups parading and singing for "glorious leaders" like Kim Jong Il and similar commies. We've all seen reels of wartime footage of thousands of Nazi children performing the Hitler salute, banging drums and singing to The Fuhrer. Today we're bombarded with news reports of African and Middle-Eastern children being indoctrinated into organisations whose only purpose is to thwart the duly elected government and/or wage war through heinous terrorist acts.

And then I saw these:

Young children forced to sing radical songs in the name of Obama.

The last time I saw a militia made entirely from African-Americans, it was The Black Panthers!!!

My Readers: This is happening today on US Soil! The sick individuals responsible for these are at large and brainwashing children into this type of deplorable activity. Imagine what they'd be capable of if Obama is elected?! Their message represents a kick in the face for every serviceman whose life has been lost or whose blood has been spilt for that soil. There are two other colours on the flag besides RED! SO KEEP THEM THERE!!! Voters: You know what you have to do...


Anonymous said...

Oh, so now they're being "brainwashed?" "Brainwashed" into "deplorable activity?"

So, are you saying that we shouldn't"Listen to the Children"? Hmm?

May I freshen up your memory banks, Colonel? Have you forgotten? There is nothing you can say that I cannot remember.

I told you it was on.

Anonymous said...

Connie, Congratulations on delivering such a fine "Burn" to the Lt.Col's.

Lt.Col, For shame!, walking into such a trap, Shame! ;)

Anonymous said...

I thank you. Both my kudos and the Colonel's shaming are well deserved.


Lieutenant General Creedon said...

You mean this little tyke? LOL. You can't possibly be comparing a tiny little kid reciting from a campaign leaflet (and probably forgotten about it by now because he's got a new toy dinosaur) to a group of militant black teens who chant Obama quotes as a school activity of their own volition and belief? Please tell me you're not so blind as to see some sort of comparison here?

Anonymous said...

So typical of the left to try and liken a random opinion to state indoctrination.

Anonymous said...

Nope. Sorry Creedon. You're still burned.

Civvy? Am I right? Still burned? Yes?

That's okay. You don't have to answer. I know the answer.

Still burned.

Anonymous said...

Hi Connie, Been busy, Yep, I believe Deep Fried is the appropriate term.