Sunday, October 12, 2008

Admiral Kirk with Irridiated Spock

I know this is basically aimed at adult collectors as opposed to kids, but there's something a little disturbing even to me about releasing action figures of Admiral Kirk and Captain Spock from the Dialithum Reaction Chamber scene in Star Trek II where Spock absorbed lethal amounts of radiation and died. In this set Spock is depicted with irradiated skin flaking and melting off his hands and face. It was indeed a noble sacrifice, but I wouldn't want a permanent reminder of the effects of lethal radiation.

Source: Cool Toy Review


Douglas Kastle said...

That is a little weird, what's with all the replaceable hands? I still tear up when I see that scene though!

Bruce Russell said...

That scene primes the pump. Kirk's eulogy brings the waterworks in the Russell household.

Anyway, since we saw that movie, we now know to stay away from lethal doses of radiation, and knowing is half the battle. Yo Joe!

Anonymous said...

Death of spock action figure set ? Isn't that slightly contradictory?What next? Spocks coffin action playset for your dead spock Figure?
" Hey Kids ,From the makers of the Evel Kenevel funeral cortege stunt set comes the ultimate playset from Star Trek 3, Irradited spocks Coffin action playset, Thrill as it just lies there, Be Amazed at the incredible detail , Gasp as you and your friends spend endless hours watching the irradited body of spock just lying there, it's yours now for just 19.99!" ** Irradiated Spock and Scotty Playing bagpipes Badly Action Figures Sold Seperately!

Douglas Kastle said...

Hey Vaughan, Have you seen the Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru smouldering corpses action figures :