Friday, October 17, 2008

THE FINAL DEBATE: McCain's gloves come off - but is it enough?

The battle was on Wednesday night and there was strikes from both sides opposite CBS' Bob Schieffer moderating the round table debate.

It started when Obama once again voiced the yawn-we-heard-it-before opinion that McCain was just more of the same as President Bush. This time before having to rebut Obama's fabricated nonsense for the last time he let fly with "I'm not President Bush, if you wanted to run against President Bush you should have run 4 years ago." YEAH!! This is the McCain I know, this is the McCain I want and he was there Wednesday.

McCain recharged his campaign with a volley of allegations directed at Obama's honesty, judgment and empathy for tax-burdened Americans. McCain also stomped on Obama for giving Democratic Georgia Rep. John Lewis a free pass after Lewis over the weekend suggested McCain was fostering a climate of intolerance similar to that stoked by segregationist George Wallace. "That to me was so hurtful, and Senator Obama, you didn't repudiate those remarks," McCain said, calling segregation the "worst chapter in American history."

McCain also briefly touched on the 'reformed' terrorist Bill Ayers question and also on ACORN an organisation that was raided by the feds recently over peculiarities with voter registration. McCain demanded that voters need to know "the full extent" of Obama's ties to them.

The maverick also called out Obama for going back on a pledge to take public financing in the general election campaign and accept spending limits. "You didn't tell the American people the truth," he charged.

Obama leveled a few accusations of his own, although quite lame against McCain's relentless onslaught. A major one being: "One hundred percent, John, of your ads, 100 percent of them have been negative," Obama claimed. "It's not true," McCain retorted. "It absolutely is true," said Obama (how childish can you get?). But because I knew it wasn't true I went to which laughed at Obama's ridiculous claim -

"Obama incorrectly claimed all of McCain’s ads had been “negative.” That was true for one recent week, but not over the entire campaign. In fact, in the week after the Republican National Convention, 77 percent of Obama’s ads were negative, according to the advertising project, while 56 percent of McCain’s were negative."

The candidates discussed the economy at length which was once again the primary focus of the debate. As there was no new economic plans unveiled and as most of the US is wearing blinkers and only seeing the economy issues, as opposed to Obama's dangerous associations or McCain's superior experience in National Security during this time of war, it can be argued that while McCain made Obama his bitch as far as the actual debate went, Obama still comes out on top because of the economic focus.

Watch out for some crazy shit over the next three weeks folks....


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