Sunday, July 29, 2007

Favreau knocks it out of the park (just with a trailer)!

Comic-Con, basically a convention for comic-book loving weirdos has just been held in San-Diego. And for the first time, I really wished I had been there. Not to see, The Dark Knight trailer, or to see Zach Quinto and Leonard Nimoy address the Trekkies. No it would be to see the first ever showing of footage from Iron Man.

Jon Favreau himself was on hand with some of the cast to present a short feature. "I think we worked the room really well. The thing is, get on get off… Show them something. Hit them in the face, and then just get out of there" he said in a later interview.

The footage features Stark, his accident, his excape from captivity in the Mk1 armour and ariel acrobatics of the more familiar red & gold design. "We did a mad scramble to get a couple shots going with ILM and they’ve been very cooperative, but if we were relying completely on the CG we wouldn’t have had anything; it would have been a little PowerPoint show and tell. Here we could actually begin to tell a story, because all that stuff… that’s all in camera…" Fav said.

See it for yourself here (please understand this was taken with a camcorder off to the side but you get the idea).

What I do want you all to hear is the cheer. The cheer when Iron Man is revealed. The cheers when he does some fantastic shit on screen. Captain America will never get a cheer like that, he's just not cool enough. Stark comes accross as a complete asshole in this. And it's right, Stark is an asshole, he's real. He's more real than any comic-book character in existence. And he supports the government that protects you. He's a patriot, not a traitor.


Anonymous said...

I never cease to be fascinated by the Lt.Col's definitions of patriot/traitor ...

Unknown said...

Captain America is the country, you know that they're just working up towards a massive denouncement of Tony Stark and pro-reg.

As for Captain America not being cool, he doesn't have to be. His phoney-baloney death was covered globally by the media. He transcends cool. Lets see if the the same thing happens when that alcoholic Dr Doom wannabe of yours ends up being grilled by a special prosecutor.

Anonymous said...

Bugger, trailer has been removed

Anonymous said...

"He's a patriot, not a traitor.", sounds remarkable like Nixon's "I'm not a thief!"

I think that we can all agree that due to the numerous lucrative military contracts that "Stark Enterprises" has received from the US government and organisations such as S.H.I.E.L.D, he is certainly a very well paid patriot/traitor.