Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Colonel bids farewell to Blair - Doom in Great Britain!

Things are not going well in the United Kingdom at the moment are they?

* South Yorkshire and other areas have been devastated by flooding and there's more to come according to the met-office.

* 3 failed terrorist attacks in the past few days have made the government raise the terror alert to "critical", which means they're expecting more attacks "imminently."

* I will now no longer be able to enjoy a cigar in the ol' British pub when I visit as the Smoking Ban comes into effect for all enclosed public places as of today.

* And the much beloved Prime Minister Tony Blair has been replaced with a mercenary dictator Gordon Brown.

I met with Mr. Blair last week to ask permission for UNETIDA to house a Tesla Cannon inside Big Ben to combat extra-terrestrial threats. Even though he declined, I thanked him his support in the Global War on Terror and for basically being a "yes-man" for the Commander in Chief. If only other world leaders would be so forward-thinking and follow the United States into glory.


Unknown said...

Tony looks suitably shocked to be shaking hands with you. I can just imagine him thinking..."yesterday Prime Minister, today subject of photoshop derision".

Anonymous said...

Looks like a secret Mason handshake to me.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Cubaby: Nay sir. I didn't touch Tony with photoshop, he really looked like that in the photograph!

@ Civvy: The Knights of Columbanus actually :)