Sunday, July 29, 2007

Simpsons Movie is fun, but sadly lacking

A fantastic score from Hans Zimmer and nifty new shadows on the animation couldn't change the fact that this was just an extended episode of the TV series. As Homer himself suggested to us before the excellent title sequence: "You're all mugs who've paid good money to sit there and watch something we do on TV for free." I thought it was funny at the time but now I see that Homer was being deeply prophetic.

That said, even though it was an "epic" episode and not the revolutionary extravaganza promised for the last four years, it was still a rather amusing "epic" episode. The laughs didn't not really let up and some of the gags were gems including an appearance from Tom Hanks, a suicidal bomb disposal robot and Fox advertising during the movie. My favourite was the fleet of a thousand Ospreys carrying a dome to encase the pollution-ridden Springfield!

I wasn't as disappointed in this as I was with the Mr. Bean movie. Mr. Bean was, is and will be the funniest thing on Television for all time. But he only works in half-hour doses, any more than two episodes at a time and you want to see something else. They tried something new with Bean by Americanising his adventure and failed miserably- but they tried something new! There was no such effort injected into this film and that's what's really disappointing.

However, this is still The Simpson's, it's fun, watch it on DVD at Christmas.

Colonel Creedon Rating: ***1/2

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Anonymous said...

i hate myself for saying this but....this was a really bad movie. maybe i built it up too much, i dunno. the bad guy wasn't funny and it was way too emotional....