Saturday, April 01, 2006

Madonna will be Sith!

My God! It's all over the internet! Liz Rosenburg and a spokesperson for Lucasfilm just confirmed that the reigning Queen of Pop and God himself may in fact, soon be working together. This comes after this photo was leaked to the internet of Madonna's audition for the forthcoming Star Wars television project.

"Madonna is an admittedly unusual choice for us, but George has always been a fan and he really wants to take the saga in a bold new direction." Said the Lucasfilm rep. "Seriously, what could possibly be more unexpected?"

Rosenberg concurs. "Turns out Rocco is a huge, huge Star Wars fan and Madge initially went in just so he could tour the ranch." But, after a lengthy two hour meeting in which Lucas outlined his vision for the top secret project, she was completely sold on both her possible role and the story. "Madonna was surprised by how well this just might suit her."

Even more compelling is the long delayed start date of 2008. This gives the recently recrowned disco queen plenty of time to conduct her summer tour and even work on an album or two before turning up in the bay area for what would undoubtedly be a lengthy stay until the production moves to Australia where principle photography is rumoured to take place.

"Madonna obviously knows this is a real risk," explained Rosenburg. "And definitely wants to be around for the prelimenary planning stages if at all possible."

Just how sold is Madonna on her participation in the series? She's already sent out two assistants with camcorders to scout possible residences for Guy and the family. Moreover, she has even turned to Lucas on school advice for the kiddies. So it does appear that the "stars" may already be very much aligned for this one.

Ok, so it ain't the most convincing of April 1st jokes but it gave me a laugh.


Anonymous said...

It's still not confirmed as an April Fool

and its starting to get worrying

[*prays its not true*, madonna as a very american sith witch, Oh dear]

Anonymous said...

But... but... it can't be true really?