Friday, April 14, 2006

2IGTV Episode 16

In this episode:
  • A rare insight into the "evil" 2IGTV Mirror Universe.
  • The UMD "Sony's Betamax"
  • Warner Brothers WILL do Conan III
  • Dallas director is replaced
  • Indiana Jones IV just waiting on Steve
  • News on Tom Cruise, Howard Stern, Jessica Simpson, Heather Locklear and yes, Samuel L. Jackson.
  • Also: Dreadful news on Ethan Phillips (sorry I just couldn't put his name in the same line as the others).

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Anonymous said...

I believe the name Mark is fumbling for is "Quagmire". I think this character is summed up best by his response to finding an under-age cheerleader hog-tied in he toilets: "Dear Diary: Jackpot". lol

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's him.

"Jiggityjiggityjiggityjiggity, Oooh yeah."