Friday, April 07, 2006

DOOM DVD not doomed

The DVD of the fantastic DOOM movie was released on Region 2 recently. I have had the R1 release for a few months, but I've only now had a chance to view it. It's identical to the R2 release only with a better foil embossed cover.

Read my exciting 5-Star review of DOOM here.

The features on the one-disc release are slightly above standard for a release like this- You get the full First Person Shooter Sequence which shows- restores the entire five minute sequence and includes background information by visual effects supervisor John Farhat. A "Basic Training" featurette which documents the rigorous training process for cast member The Rock and his co-stars, including weapons and physical training. In another featurette, make-up artist Jeff Dawn reveals how he created make-up effects for the climactic sequence featuring The Rock. Of great intrest was "Doom Nation", a chronicle of the worldwide, phenomenal success of the DOOM video game, most nostalgic indeed.

The Rock offered insights about the DVD bonus features on the Doom set during filming: "From day one, I was on the phone to the DVD people," he said. "They've been here every day and I've been talking shit to them every day. 'Come over and get a shot of this!' There was the one scene when they had hired real amputees with no legs and no arms… and when their prosthetics were put on, it looks like a chunk of meat is taken out of their bodies. It was surreal and tough that week to be there and I made sure the DVD people were there.


Anonymous said...

The Rock, and Karl Urban ... together on screen.
What could possibly go wrong?
(just to clarify - were any wrestling moves performed in the film? lol)

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

Nothing went wrong. It was a 5-Star film. I think there was a couple of wrestling type moves in the film , what would you expect with Dwayne :)

Anonymous said...

Was it my imagination or were those rifles a bit too much like the G36?