Friday, August 21, 2009

So THIS is what Cameron's been up to:

James Cameron is one of my favourite directors, he made some pretty good stuff since carving his name indelibly into cinematic history with The Terminator in 1984. Following that success, he delivered a new flawless 5-Star movie every 2 or 3 years with Aliens ['86], The Abyss ['89], Terminator 2: Judgement Day ['91] and completed his phenomenal run with True Lies ['94]. Like many other directors he's been "off the rails" for a few years - following the nonsensical yet commercially successful Titanic in '97 Cameron went all Jacques Cousteau with an IMAX camera and made some documentaries. So basically for the past 15 years Cameron has put nothing worthwhile on the silver screen.

But if this is anything to go by, I think the man may have finally returned...


Former Grunt said...

This is going to look awesome in IMAX 3D

Civilian Overseer said...

"So THIS is what Cameron's been up to:"

Honestly Colonel, you make it sound like You've been stalking Cameron since Titianic came out.

vaughan said...

Errr it looks a little bit ...shit! Don't get me wrong it's probably going to look fantastic and be fantastic and I am going to go but it is strangely underwhelming and for some reason it looks like final fantasy or the 21st century version of the Abyss

Civilian Overseer said...

Perk up, Mr V., Why I myself was mugged by Micheal Bay when I went to see the disasterous King Arthur. Anything has got to be better than that. ;)

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Civvy: I admit keeping him under surveillance; as a precaution you understand.

@ Vaughan: There was no live action in Final Fantasy, it's like comparing it to Beowulf, you can't, your compatison is invalid and therefore nullified.

Also- funny, I don't remember seeing a gigantic battle between Dragon-thingies and Marine Helicoptor Gunships on an alien planet in The Abyss? And I'm sure I have the special edition.

The time for movies without special 3D effects is almost at an end. You'd better start thinking of how to employ this techology in your future productions as good as Lucas, Bay and Cameron rather than labelling things as "shit" before you've even seen them. Keep that nonesence for AICN and your SEX forums!!! All I want from people here is: "My God! This looks amazing Creedon! You're right to expect such magnificence! After all, how can you be wrong after assuring us that Transformers, Iron Man, Star Trek and G.I.Joe would rock! You're awesome Colonel!"

@ Civvy [again]: I like King Arthur, but yes, anything by Micheal Bay is better than King Arthur as that was an Antoine Fuqua movie!

vaughan said...

I should have said felt like mistake, it's just an underwhelming trailer.,

and as for 3d technology does this mean you'll be buying the new panasonic 3d blu ray home entertainment system that they are launching in co ordination with the films dvd release...that's right so everyones blu ray players will be out of date roughly a year after they bought them

.......Hang on I'm the one who reassured you GI JOE would rock! you spent the weeks before it rocking yerself back and forth praying it wouldn't be shite