Friday, August 14, 2009

May The Course Be With You!

There is one good reason why Westerners we should eat Asian food with chopsticks; if you do so you'll actually taste the food! Part of our problem is that we spend far too much time rushing and not enjoying what we eat. Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese food is something I enjoy but if I was to eat the same meal with chopsticks the day after I ate it with a fork I know I'd enjoy the second meal more. This is due to the fact that while I'm proficient in their use as eating utensils, they only allow the transfer of a fraction of the amount of food that you'd shovel onto a spoon or fork thus allowing you to appreciate the taste of what you're eating much more.

It's not easy to get nice chopsticks in this part of the world, most people are just not "zen" enough to take the time to learn or use them properly. I did see somewhere online some time ago where someone was making silver ones with the Arashikage ninja clan symbol on them but I can't find it now that I can afford them. But something just came into my inbox that makes that search redundant. Kotobukia, famous for it's splendid but expensive Star Wars statuettes, is producing a series of Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks in time for Xmas this year. You get blue and red long ones modelled after Luke's [pictured] and Vader's and shorter green ones with Yoda's hilt.

And before you ask: Yes of course I am! :)

Source: The Whitehouse


Constance said...

"Part of our problem is that we spend far too much time rushing and not enjoying what we eat."

Yes, you are so very right, Colonel. My thoughts exactly! You have also made a very strong case for not eating in front of the television.

Kudos, Col. Whooper.

Bruce Russell said...