Friday, July 03, 2009

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - The #1 Movie on the Planet!

As no one watching this movie should be jumping into it without seeing the original then there are only two camps – one that loved the original, as I did and the other side that thought it was trash. If you’re a member of the latter then you’ll find this equally shit and you should just wait until I review Public Enemies. If however you’re one of the former, then I think you’re in for a real treat. This is a fantastic voyage through the insane mind of a wholly unrestricted, unleashed Michael Bay and you’ll be swept into more exciting chases, battle scenes, robotic transformations, Megan Fox pouting and running in slow motion, military jargon and spectacular explosions. As God once said, [when creating Skywalker Sound] that "sound is 50% of the cinema experience" and this is really an aural assault like no other – even against Bay’s own Armageddon!

Now I won’t pretend the movie is without problems, the opening half hour is far too long and contained unnecessary sequences that had no business at all being there. For example: Sam’s mother accidentally eats a hash brownie resulting in ridiculous American Pie style “hilarity”. Bay is undoubtedly the greatest action movie genius director of the modern age, but he must forever stay away from the realm of teen-comedy. I also thought the Leo Spitz character was completely redundant and expanded an already bursting cast without reason. However, these issues and the multitude of obvious continuity errors are not significant enough to spoil the magic.

Despite being a ridiculously hokey plot it’s technically superior to the original in several ways, the character models themselves are more defined and more recognisable against the backgrounds of this movie. Transformations are upgraded for the better and the voice actors seem somewhat more believable than they originally did. And is it my imagination or is Megan Fox even hotter this time round?

Final Verdict: This is one movie that just doesn’t require a lenghty review. It’s not one of these movies that taxes your brain, or where the merits of it explosions can be debated for hours. It’s simply a joy to watch and meets all the criteria for a loud and action packed summer blockbuster.

Colonel Creedon Rating: *****


vaughan said...

The plot is hokey?, I saw your face when the Decepticons "Hatchlings" appeared ...( If anyone ever wanted to capture the physical embodiment of the term "What the fuck!" , Just show the Colonel that scene again and again and watch his face.
However I must admit even I came out of that film complaining that the only problem with the film was "not enough Military porn"
By the way I do believe Transformers is a signal of change in Hollywood Politics the last film President Bush is seen as a harmless character with the Secretary of Defence (Jon Voight) as brave and this one the "New" Administration is shown as paranoid , feckless and untrustworthy ( Obama is mentioned by name)At one point shutting down the Transformers base and willing to hand Sam over to be killed by Megatron, actually saying "Whatever it takes to secure our safety"
The world has indeed been turned upside down when Mr Bay is doing Political satire!

Civilian Overseer said...

While I can suspend my disbelieve at the door and accept 60' robots beating the metal shite out of each other, I find my self harshly dragged back to the cold light of reality when asked to accept that Megan Fox, slamming hottie that she is, would ever, ever associate with Shia le Beouf, it is just too implausible! ;)

Major General Creedon said...

@ Vaughan: Yeah the hetchlings were a stroke of madness, but they dwelled on it for like 10-15 seconds which is easily out of sight - out of mind.

@ Civvy: Mike Bay always scores one for life's loosers. Yet people like us are still fascinated by his movies :p

Civilian Overseer said...

Colonel, I hope your 2nd statement does not infer that you consider "us" to the kind of people referred to in your 1st statement.
I've always considered folks like us to be life's winners. I'm just a positive kind of Guy. ;)