Thursday, July 16, 2009

Non-Gimp Whiplash and Achingly Sexy Black Widow to be scored by Debney! It's the Iron Man 2 News Hour!

Time for some Iron Man news now as it's the most anticipated movie of the next decade.

Some new character shots have been revealed recently, the one of Mickey Rourke as the classic Iron Man villain Whiplash.

For some reason I can't fathom, many fans were upset with this depiction of Whiplash not being enough like his comic-book appearance. To those clowns I ask - Whiplash has appeared in both of the costumes below in the comic books - which did you want? The Gimp-Mask or the Feather Plume?

Despite having Mickey Rourke cement his magnificent comeback started by The Wrestler last year in an almost Travoltaesque fashion, there were far more and certainly lecherous eyes [my own included] to see what Miss Scarlett Johannson would be sporting for her Iron Man 2 fashion collection as the Black Widow.

Sweet mother of Lucas! I don't think straight male on the planet has a single issue with a flame haired Scarlett sewn into chafingly tight leather almost identical to her comic-book counterpart. Whooa Momma!!!

On a final note this evening about Iron Man 2, I was delighted to learn today that Favreau's composer on both Zathura and Elf, John Debney would assume the scoring duties for shellhead's sequel, and I'm suitably impressed. Debney has not got the chance to score too many good movies, in almost 10 years since End Of Days and The Scorpion King. However I hope that his work on Iron Man 2 will somehow fuse his modern work on The Tuxedo with the passion he obviously had for his greatest work ever Cutthroat Island - the definitive Pirate-Movie score [although hardly the definitive Pirate Movie]. I originally hoped for Debney for the original Iron Man considering his past collaboration with Fav, but for whatever reason the job went to one of Hans Zimmer's crew, the Prison Break composer Ramin Djawadi who, although provided a hard and suitable score for Iron Man, it lacked the thematic content demanded by a super-hero movie. Hopefully Debney will correct that.

Iron Man 2 opens May 7th 2010

Source: Joblo, AICN


vaughan said...

there are few times anyone can discuss the artistic merits of "The Tuxcedo" and "Cut throat Island" Debney certainly has great judgement.....on another matter I'm not going to say anything more than you certainly seem "enthusiastic " about the photos of the Black widow in your report...the question I have is when we go to Iron man 2 next year Colonel am I going to have to tie you down to your seat everytime the Black Widow appears on screen to avoid an "Incident!"?

Civilian Overseer said...

Vaughan, The board of inquiry into the "ST:First Contact Incident" concluded that cinema goers attended the same film as the Col should be equipped with industrial strength tissues and raincoats.

If You seriously intend to see this movie with the Col, May Heaven Help You, Young Man.

Constance said...

Mr. V, don't tie him down. You'll only make it worse. Black leather and bondage? tsk tsk. Use your brain, man!

Oh, Mr. O. The picture you paint is graphic indeed.

Constance said...

hmm. wait a minute Vaughan. I have to rethink this. Maybe you SHOULD tie him up, save the other moviegoers, and make a little extra on the side. Because I am pretty sure that tying someone up is considered an "extra" and you can charge a nice sum for it.

I wouldn't know how much, of course, but I bet you could consult Ol' Man Russell and he could give you a ballpark figure.

vaughan said...

Constance you are correct if I tie him up he might still grunt and groan making it look far, far worse to anyone in the audience..although how it could be any worse than either the "Ransom" incident or what happened in Underworld doesn't bear thinking about.....but now I've said too much!

Civilian Overseer said...

Good God Man!,What happen in "Underworld" stays in "Underworld"! Next you'll be spouting off about the "Pearl Harbour" affair. I won't mention how much tax payers money when into hushing that up.

Connie, You should read the unauthorized biography that I'm writing about the Colonel, I call it, "Creedon, A character assassination of", I expect it to be a best seller. ;)

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Vaughan: That's why Debney needs this, he needs to score a great movie - Jesus the last thing I know he did was provide additional music for Chris Young on Spider-Man 3! Even he didn't put his name to that.

I'm obviously going to ignore the rest of the commentry here.

Constance said...

unauthorized biographies are the best kind of biographies...