Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Chris O'Donnell the new Gibbs?

Well not exactly. Gibbs is still Gibbs and will continue as only it can be done by Mark Harmon, but Chris O'Donnell will appear in a special two part episode of NCIS as Callen, a troubled, enigmatic, yet a chameleon-like lead agent whose natural talent for undercover work is legend.

In much the same fashion as NCIS started out as a double episode of JAG. The two-part episode in which O'Donnell appears is itself the pilot for a spin-off of NCIS tentatively titled NCIS: Legend.

O'Donnell's Callen will be joined by L.L. Cool J playing Special Agent Sam Hanna, an ex-Navy SEAL, who works in the undercover unit of NCIS in Los Angeles, and is also fluent in Arabic and an expert on Middle Eastern culture.

Louise (CSI) Lombard will play Clara, A former major in the military police, she is an intelligent, sharp investigator who can look after herself.

Backing them up will be Peter Cambor playing the quick-witted Nate, the team's conscience and beating heart. Nate is an operational psychologist and a walking encyclopedia of American culture and Daniela Ruah will play Kensi, a super bright young investigator who studied forensics and criminology in college.
Mark Harmon voiced his concern recently in an interview that he's worried about anything that would distract the attention of the NCIS writers away from what his own show has achieved over the past seven years.

Source: THR, EW, Reuters, TV Guide

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