Friday, March 06, 2009

The 4th Annual Whopper Awards - Nominations Part II

Best Actress For Actually Acting:
Joan Allen [Death Race]
Audrey Marie Anderson [The Unit]
Mary McDonnell [Battlestar Galactica]
Anna Paquin [True Blood]
Mary Steenbergen [Stepbrothers]

Best Action Actress:
Reiko Aylesworth [Aliens Vs. Predator]
Jolene Balock [Starship Troopers 3: Marauder]
Angelina Jolie [Wanted]
Mila Kunis [Max Payne]
Yvonne Strahovski [Chuck]

Hottest Actress:
Madchen Amick [My Own Worst Enemy]
Rachel Bilson [Jumper]
Megan Fox [How To Lose Friends and Alienate People]
Olga Kurylenko [Quantum Of Solace]
Natalya Rudakova [Transporter 3]

Best Dramatic Actor:
Josh Brolin [W.]
Hugh Dillon [Flashpoint]
Dennis Hayesbert [The Unit]
Wagner Moura [Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad)]
Ryan Phillippe [Stop Loss]

Best Action Actor:
Daniel Craig [Quantum Of Solace]
Robert Downey Jnr. [Iron Man]
Shia LeBeouf [Eagle Eye]
Liam Neeson [Taken]
Edward Norton [The Incredible Hulk]

Best Comedy Actor:
Alec Baldwin [30 Rock]
Steve Carell [Get Smart]
Will Ferrell [Step Brothers]
James Franco [Pineapple Express]
Ben Stiller [Tropic Thunder]

Continued In Part III


Anonymous said...

Where's the hottest actor character? I demand that you pander to the female readers!!

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

Vaughan once said to me in reference to a male actor "He's quite handsome actually - but I can say that because I'm an artiste and I must appreciate both male and female equally in an artistic frame of mind - if you say he's handsome it means you're gay."

Still, I backed away from him slightly. And to this day I've never told his wife.

Anonymous said...

Think I'll give vaughan a call, not spoken to him or his wife in a week or two ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Vaughan. He's already ruined, and you have to make it worse? Where's Mark? I miss Mark! At least he TRIES to keep Creedon in check.