Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Close shave

An asteroid exploded above Tunguska, Siberia, on June 30 1908, with the force of a thousand atomic bombs - flattening 80 million trees in a swathe of more than 2,000 square kilometres.

On Monday at 1344 GMT, a similar sized phenomenon, dubbed 2009 DD45, estimated to be between 21 and 47 meters across, raced by Earth almost too close for comfort. It was big enough to have taken out London

The gap was just 72,000 kilometers, a fifth of the distance between Earth and the Moon and only twice the height of satellites in geosynchronous orbit. More at

Commandant "Renard" Delacroix of UNETIDA, assured the public that the object was not considered to be an alien threat "Le asteroid was neeveir identifiayd as a fiorm of Extrah Terrestrille attaock, nor was forrsed on it's current trajectorie by any forrse otheir than that which exists in the naturale."

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Unknown said...

Wait a minute, you have a fucking frog working for you (or worse a French Canadian)?? Explain yourself man!!

Anonymous said...

"it was big enough to have taken out London"

Missed again Colonel?. You are getting sloppy in your old age. ;)

Bruce Russell said...

And the cosmic ballet goes on . . .