Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whopper At Arlington

On Tuesday, Colonel Creedon visited Arlington National Cemetery to pay respect to the nation's honoured dead...

...including the many lost under his own command.

Being away from The Bunker was no good excuse not to celebrate St. Paddy's Day. Of course, as The Colonel was stateside, he had no trouble finding a suitable venue (or two) of celebration. Properly bedecked with shiny paper shamrocks, The Colonel lifted his glass in honour of the day, hailing all with a hearty "Erin go bragh" and making new friends, most notably in the form of A-10 Thunderbolt pilot Colonel Mott of the USAF.


Bruce Russell said...

Fun: Erin go bragh.

More fun: Erin go braless.

As a funny aside, my word verification is "dissed."

Anonymous said...

Ahh!, it's nice to see the Colonel embracing the Navy's liberal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy with his new special friend. ;)