Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whopper At 8th and I

On Wednesday morning The Colonel visited the oldest post in the Corps - The Marine Barracks and 8th and I, Washington, DC.

Gunnery Sergeant Price had the honour of escorting The Colonel around the barracks and the Commmandant's home, now declared a National Historical Landmark.

In addition to revelling in Corps history and the sheer importance of the location, The Colonel paid his respects to some of the now deceased "Chesty" mascots, reviewed and critiqued the Marines practising for Evening Parade's silent drill, and inspected the Bachelor's quarters.

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Bruce Russell said...

Man, you look as happy in that photo as I was when I visited Neverland Ranch.

Er . . .

PS My word verification for this post is "straft." When I made my last post, the word verification that cam up was "shickles." I plan on using that one as nickname for someone. Maybe even ol' "Storagezilla" himself!