Friday, October 05, 2007

7307 Takei

George Takei Gets His Own Asteroid!

Star Trek (and now Heroes) star George Takei has been honored with his very own asteroid. A huge rock floating around between Mars and Jupiter has been renamed 7307 Takei.

"I am now a heavenly body. The honor came out of the clear, blue sky - just like an asteroid," he said.

The asteroid, which was discovered by two Japanese astronomers in 1994, was formerly known as 1994 GT9. The renaming has been approved by officials at the International Astronomical Union's Committee On Small Body Nomenclature.


Unknown said...

Shouldn't that be ASREteroid considering his rather strange sexual taking it up the wrong 'un??????

Anonymous said...

I wonder what The Colonel will have named after him?

Anonymous said...

The Lt.Col couldn't possible settle for a remote pebble in space, a mere spec of dust on the cosmic scale!, no the Lt.Col's ego demands a memorial tribute on a fair grander scale, something along the lines of a black hole would do the trick. Destructive, Relentlessly devouring everthing that gets in his way, surely this is a more fitting tribute for the Lt.Col