Thursday, October 25, 2007

24 Day 7: Holy Shitballs!!!

Jack Bauer is back in 2008 and he's up against an old friend.

Note: 20th Century Fox are removing these videos from Youtube so you might find this search link useful. Click by "date added" once there to find the latest upload before Fox's lawyers do...

If anyone gets an official Fox video working; post the link in the comments.


Bruce Russell said...

I'm deeply ashamed to say I've never seen a whole episode of 24, but plan to.

I did see the Simpsons episode that spoofed the show, and I'm pretty sure I tossed a quarter to the then-homeless Kiefer Sutharland in late 1997, between his roles in "Armitage III: Poly Matrix," and his rebound the following year in "Dark City."

Douglas Kastle said...

What the Feck? So far 24 has done a good job at keeping dead people dead (with the obvious exception of Jack Bauer himself), what is the surprise twist of this season? Tony isn't the master mind, Edgar Stiles IS! Be-chew, Be-chew, Be-chew!!!

Is it even possible for 24 to jump the shark. They've done so many things that you would expect to be a shark jump and it still keeps going.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

No 24 can never indeed jump the shark. It's presumed that Jack Bauer himself wrestled the shark onto dry land, tied it to a chair and beat the shit out of it.