Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hopefully not a Far Cry from the game

Uwe Boll, one of the most hated non-French people in the world apparently bought the rights to the Far Cry movie before the game was created. He has spent the last couple of months months since completing Postal filming the adventures of Jack Carver.

Those of you who have known the (mis)fortune of experiencing an Uwe Boll film know that while it is possible to create a movie from a video-game, the results are often quite different to what you'd expect. Most video games hare built on a wafer-thin plot, something that Boll appears to like and he has turned House of the Dead, Bloodrayne (****)(and he's just made a sequel), Alone In The Dark (**), Dungeon Siege and Postal into movies and is filming a sequel to Alone In The Dark right now. Far Cry is another of his movies and that's currently in post production.

The movie will hopefully follow the plot of the PC version of the game (with some degree of expansion - but hopefully not the attempted level of expansion that Boll did for Alone in the Dark and avoid the stupid "animalistic powers" angle that Carver was given in the Far Cry console versions). Jack Carver (Til Schweiger) is a retired Special Forces Officer who now is transport for hire, by people and cargo. On one particular trip Jack ferries a photographer 'Val' (Emmanuelle Vaugier) who wants to photograph old Japanese WW2 bases on some of the Micronesian islands. He goes through hell when his boat is attacked and destroyed by an unknown party while Val is away. Surviving by the skin of his teeth, he must now find her and uncover what is truly happening on these dark and mysterious islands.

Schweiger and Vaugier will be joined by the legendary Udo Kier (above left) as Dr. Krieger, the giant German bodybuilder Ralf Moeller and Craig Fairbrass who always plays a bad guy. I'll admit, I'm not expecting much, but I'll certainly watch it. I'll let you know...


Unknown said...

Is that the Craig Fairbrass from Right Said Fred???

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

Sigh! No you're thinking of Richard & Fred Fairbrass. No relations to Craig(I hope).