Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ze Germans want CIA arrested

This shit really annoys me: A court in Munich has issued warrants for the arrests of 13 suspected CIA agents who allegedly kidnapped and tortured a German citizen.

The men are accused of falsely imprisoning and causing grievous bodily harm to Khaled el Masri. Mr Masri was arrested in Macedonia in late 2003 and says he was handed over to the CIA. He was then flown to Afghanistan, where he was held until his release at the end of May 2004.

State prosecutors say the accused are thought to have been on board the plane which took him to Kabul. They were identified with the aid of intelligence provided by Spanish investigators.

"According to current findings, the particulars of the suspects listed in the arrest warrants suggest these could be cover identities of CIA agents," prosecutors said in a statement.

The case has increased speculation in Europe about so-called rendition flights, where US intelligence agencies allegedly used private planes to transport suspects from one legal jurisdiction to another.

As I said, this really annoys me. Just look at the guys name: Khaled el Masri it's not Hans so he can't be German and so he's obviously a terrorist. The CIA do not torture people, they "persuasively interview" people and if you co-operate with them then there no need for waterboarding. So why didn't this wog co-operate? Because he was a terrorist. Anyhow, it's pretty obvious Ze Germans are just looking for some excuse to get back at the US after having their ass kicked in WWII.

Source: Sky News


Anonymous said...

String the CIA Scum up I say, what have the Germans ever done to anyone?

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

LOL! Always the comedian.

Anonymous said...

maybe they're hoping to get something like this out of him?

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

Exactly. Now only if all captured wogs would be so courteous at this bloke. It's not too much to as ist it?