Monday, February 19, 2007

Change to the "New" Blogger.

Blogger received a massive upgrade in late 2006 which required you to migrate your blog to the new Google servers. Many claim the service is now more reliable, due to the quality of the servers; I've not found anything that would make me disagree with that claim yet.

I'd been holding off on this until I had implementation time, so before the weekend I moved Whopper's Bunker over the new Google-Powered Blogger. Now, one is not forced to move (as yet) but I'd received a lot of encouragement from Blogger to make the move, most notably in the form of in big letters "have you moved to the new Blogger yet?" etc. when I logged in, replacing my dashboard editing screen with Google account applications and information on the three steps to make to migrate the Bunker.

Well it wasn't as painful as I imagined, but there were some changes to existing settings and a few new options to ignore or adopt. Along with the migration to Google servers, several new features were introduced:

Label organisation. This is the ability to apply labels or topics beneath each post. Clicking on the appropriate label should now bring up posts which I've applied that label to, like President Bush or GWOT (Global War On Terror). I've made specific ones in some cases for say, Star Wars or Paris Hilton and generic ones such as TV and Games. They take time to apply as I have to revisit and attack labels to almost 400 posts but should be working by this Friday.

Drag-and-drop template editing interface. As I have a custom template, I'll have to investigate this before implementing it or everything could go wonky.

New Web feed options. I didn't notice much in the way of new options at least anything that I'd use, but I'll investigate further later. One alteration that could not be helped was the change to the RSS site feed, so if you use an RSS reader to access my headlines then you must now point your aggregator to: to avail of my wisdom.

Furthermore, blogs are updated dynamically, as opposed to rewriting HTML files which decreases posting time and ensures quicker updates.

As always if you see anything wonky on any browser (except Opera mobile or whatever you were on about the other day Sithy) let me know.


Anonymous said...

"As always if you see anything wonky on any browser (except Opera mobile or whatever you were on about the other day Sithy) let me know"

Damn you and your anti-Sith policy! I demand you make this site fully compliant with the latest SithVision™ standard!

Anonymous said...

I support Sithy's tirade, also I want to know is this new Bunker fully operational?

Anonymous said...

About as fully operational as The Whizzinator I'd imagine.

Anonymous said...

You mean the Bunker could be used as a concealed weapon to beat people to death with, and fool the authorities about your alcohol/drug consumption?

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Sithy: There will be no deliberate SithVision™ compatability guaranteed.

@ Civvy: Yes!

@ Master Guns: And much more!

@ Sithy: No! .. Well.. maybe :)

Anonymous said...

Sithy, you're forget that he also used the Whizzanitor to impress the ladies and get a date with Paris Hilton.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

Ol' Tom needn't have bothered. According to this one man isn't enough for Paris. Whizzinator or otherwise :O