Sunday, February 18, 2007

2IGTV Makes Irish Blog Awards Shortlist

Thanks to everyone who voted for Mark and I for the 2007 Irish Blog Awards.

The shortlist was announced this evening and 2IGTV remains in the running for an Irish Blog Award on March 3rd at the award ceremony in Dublin.

Cheers folks.


Anonymous said...

Begins to weep like a small child as he thinks of the power already rushing to the Colonels Head!

Anonymous said...

I can just hear the Lt.Col's acceptance speech now, "I love democracy, I will give my powers... mind you, I'm not saying excactly when" I blame Sithy.

Anonymous said...

And it will finish up with "...I'll leave you all behind Muahahahahaha!"

Anonymous said...

Look at him, all high & mighty on his 2Gits Blog award kick. Oh I'm too busy swaning around with the presumtion of an trophy to keep this site up to date.

Careful Creedon, your public demands ENTERTAINMENT!

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Vaughan: Nothing can stop me now. Even if I don't win I'll be the "IBA Nominated Lt.Col.Creedon" forever.

@ Civvy: I was thinking about the speech now that you mention it and I've decided to use it as a soap-box to ask people to be somewhat agressive towards the piss-ant protesters against the US presence at Shannon Airport.

@ Master Guns: For once that'll be true because if we win then we will be technically be leaving everyone behind us :)

@ Civvy again: What do you mean I'm not up to date? I spend the weekend migrating the thing onto a superior server for you? There's gratitude eh? Look! I even have a new icon.

Anonymous said...

Like every woman in your life has said, too little, too late.